How can I help?

Self-knowledge is key. What you seek to know begins in the here and now. Wherever you are now, emotionally, mentally, psychically, or physically, you can change it for a preferred version. But first, you must be willing to awaken to who you really are. That’s the eternal  truth. 

Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to be? What is the meaning of my life? How do I find my purpose? How did I get to this? Why do I feel so lost and unhappy? What am I to do? These are oft-repeated questions I encountered in my previous career as a full-time social worker and counsellor and which I continue to in my current role as a life-guide. I have also seen how these questions always mark the beginning of a challenging journey of awakening to one’s true self.

My belief is that everyone of us is meant to take to this same path at some point of their lives usually triggered by a crisis of sorts. I too am on this path and have been through the worst of it. I am now at the point of giving back and so I do this. I cannot offer counsel unless I myself have walked the same path. Unless it comes from deep within my heart. That I care enough to help you walk a little lighter.

Everyone is here to awaken. Everyone shares the same goal of wanting to be more enlightened in the way we function. Usually we won’t bother to dig deeper to ask all these questions when things are going peachy in our lives. It’s when things get dark and we are assailed by doubt and despair that we could do with a guide to help throw some light. And if I can do that then why not?

Doing what I do best, I now offer psycho-social-spiritual care, okay let’s call that counsel instead, in an unusually deep and holistic way. Over the years I have collected an eclectic mix of tools in my toolkit. These tools are like a lighted lantern that I hold up to help you see a bit further on your path. I therefore have something to suit everyone and they are all tried and tested.

If you know who you are and why you behave, think or feel the way you do, you can then learn to build on your existing strengths as well as recover and reclaim those parts that you had buried perhaps for fear of disapproval. From there you can then know how best to achieve your fullest potential in this life be it self, work, family, relationships and more. This is indeed your journey of awakening.

Who Am I

I am a trained social worker and counsellor with a Masters degree in social work and graduate qualifications in professional counselling where I do personality typing, grief recovery, and facilitating change. I have also had the immense good fortune to meet and learn with some of the best teachers and guides from whom I learned non-mainstream modalities like hypnotherapy, dreamwork and pranic healing. And of course my spiritual teachers in India who taught me much about Raja Yoga and chakra work.

That said, my best work happens when I do Astrological Birth Chart analysis and Soul Contract decoding to help you understand why you are here and what lessons this life holds for you so that you evolve and awaken towards enlightenment. Knowing is one thing. Doing the necessary work to fulfil your destiny is another. You will be guided to do what’s necessary to help your true self come to the fore. To live your purpose in this life and to maximise your potential.

I offer this work because I myself have walked and struggled on this path of awakening which continues to evolve. The work is never finished as it takes you higher and higher. My search for self has taken me to the deepest and darkest valleys and mountains. It has been a daunting journey. Whether you are aware of it or not, all of us will walk this journey. It is configured into our soul’s plan before we incarnated. Everyone of us have our own life plans to fulfil. With our own unique karma to clear. Wouldn’t you want to know?

I’m sure you do otherwise you won’t be here reading this. If you’d like to find out more about what the journey entails, look in the menu under ‘This journey’. I have included there all the basic elements of the search which will be covered in more detail in my workshops and one-to-one sessions. Whether you work with me or not, know that your incarnation as a human is a truly precious thing. Understand why you are here. Know who you are. Be what you are meant to be.