The man who became a wish-fulfilling tree

A story retold. First heard from Sadhguru from his video on how to become a Kalpa Vriksha and what that would entail.

A kalpa vriksha story by Sadhguru

One day, a man went for a walk out of town where he eventually came to a forest. He decided he would rest for a while under a shady tree before making his way back. And so he slept on the soft grass and before long, woke up feeling totally refreshed but hungry.

He said, “How I wish I had all my favourite foods right now.” And all his favourite foods appeared in front of him on the grass. He ate his fill and then wistfully asked for more, “How I wish I had something to drink.” And jugs of his favourite toddy appeared in front of him and he drank his fill.

As the alcohol got to him, he began to look around in fear. He thought, “There must be ghosts here!” And ghosts appeared.

“Oh no, they are going to torture me!” And they did torture him.

“Help, they are going to kill me!!” And he died.

And just like that his life was over. As you can see, the man became a wish-fulfilling tree but he failed to realise his good fortune. Instead of making the powers of transformation work for him, he squandered it on sensorial fulfilment and allowed fear to be the ruin of him. What if he had wished for spiritual fulfilment? Enlightenment? Or, that he could solve problems for humanity?

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