About us

“Who Am I ? I am the lantern-bearer.”

We see ourselves as a lantern-bearer because in our day jobs as helping professionals, people come to us for really just one thing – clarity. We just hope to hold the lantern up that bit higher so that the light goes a little further on their paths to help them see their way forward. Life is indeed tough and full of suffering. Best part is, the ancient sages have also shown us the way out and it begins with self-knowledge. To know one’s true self, or nature, is to have dominion over all things. It leads to ultimate freedom and power.

Self-knowledge is ultimate freedom and power

Yes, we really need to understand how we contribute to our own misery. Once you know then the next step is to reverse engineer your life to end the suffering and instead create what you really want. By far, the 64-million dollar question is one of the toughest: Who Am I. Followed by: What do I want? If you are ready to embark on the epic journey of all journeys as you search for the answer, doors will begin to open for you. You will come to understand that only you are in charge of your reality. In plain English, it means…

If you can dream it, you can do it. 

When we said we hold up the lantern for our clients to gain the clarity they need, what we are really doing is helping them towards the a-ha moment when their own inner lightbulb comes on and they finally can see that they are indeed a powerful creator in their own right. When they come to us, they might not have a goal in mind, but by the time they leave us, they know what they need to do to get to what they want.

We are powerful creators of our destiny

That’s really the message behind self-realisation. That we are as powerful as the Divine Creator. It’s the same message behind the manifesting and creating abundance. However, if only life was that simple. Remember that 64-million dollar question? Well, it’s going to open up a whole new set of sub-questions: Why are we here? What is the reason behind this present incarnation as a human being? Do I have a purpose to fulfil? 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience

These are very spiritual question and the search for the answers is part of the spiritual plan for us being here. It is us trying to make our way back home. Yet there is really nothing to find on the outside because it’s already all there within us except that we are blind to it. And you are totally forgiven if you were to rail and rant and ask what the h*#@, is this some sort of cosmic joke???? Okay, we get you because that was our reaction too. But we’ve got it figured out and we’ll pop that in an article soon. Yes, it’s a cosmic joke and the joke is on us but that’s how it is. You just need to know the rules of the game to play it well. And it begins with knowing who you are.

Who am I

It doesn’t matter what modality we use in our work which consists of a blend of mainstream e.g. personality typing, grief recovery, and counselling (aka talk therapy) and non-mainstream modalities e.g. reikipranic healing, chakra work, yoga, expressive therapies, and hypnotherapy. It still boils down to the only thing that matters: Who Am I. We hope you will find your own answer to this eternal question and have what you want to live a life you define as fulfilling. We hope you find what it means to be living life at your fullest potential. Wherever you are, whoever you might be, our blessings go with you.