Ajna or 3rd eye Chakra

This video is the 6th in the series of 7 major chakras and here Dada explains about the mysticism that surrounds the Ajna or 3rd eye chakra. It is not as straightforward as the other chakras where the terrain is mapped by certain vrittis. Here, it is different. It seems as if all the preceding vrittis have been transformed and subsumed, for the final jump to the next and last chakra. It is said that this is yet another supreme challenge, making that final jump because there is no straight route up to the Sahasrara from the Ajna. If the final jump is meant to happen in this lifetime, it will. If it is not meant to, then what work we do in this life will be carried forward. So don’t lose heart. Keep doing the work.

Below is a transcript of the video. Right below is a Journal Activity to help you ponder on some of your experiences with the Ajna Chaka.


It is located in the middle of the head. It is called the triputri or 3 hills. The third eye, the eye that knows everything, that knows the entirety of knowledge, of the universe. It is the most magnificent expression of human existence. We spoke before of 5 lower chakras which grow in subtlety and emotions get more complex as you progress through the chakras yet at the Ajna it is distilled to 2 vrittis/petals. Yet they represent the entire 52 vrittis. 49 vrittis move outward, externally, analytical movement from one to multitude. From the numinous cause to the material world. Only one vritti only one moves inside.

They are Para and Apara vrittis – spiritual and mundane knowledge. Mundane knowledge is how we acquire knowledge of the universe. Like I know what is snow and the next time I hear the word ‘snow’ I know what it is. There is the knower, object and the process of knowledge through senses, sense organs, logical inference, etc. This is the process of mundane knowledge. Our civilization discovered many things through this process but yet it is still limited by our cerebral structure.

The more I know the more I don’t know about anything. There is another knowing that does not depend on these 3. On the spiritual level, everything is one. We may be different but at the atomic level we are one. Cosmic consciousness knows everything and all of us are one with cosmic consciousness. How does the universe sprout from within me? Just like a drop is part of the ocean. If we move outwardly, everything is one and so knowledge will be there. That’s how the guru will know everything there is to know about you or on any subject because he has a fully opened 3rd eye. He is an expression of divinity.

Dive beyond the I-feeling, deeply into the I-feeling, and you will know deeply. One is know the object, the other is to know the subject. The Ajna chakra represents the attainment of this sort of perfect balance. Even people who started meditation with materialistic ideality will be attracted to the world of infinite transcendental existence in time to come.

Pineal gland associated with the Ajna Chakra controls the secretion of hormones in the entire body. And it controls the rest of the lower chakras. As you develop and balance this chakra it will benefit the entire chakra system. Concentration and focus improves. Meditation is very essential otherwise this chakra cannot be developed.


Journal Activity: To reach this state of all-knowing is every yogi aspirant’’s dream yet it involves an arduous journey that requires we work through the vrittis in our lower chakras. It may take many lifetimes but we can still start where we are. Note instances of when your voice of intuition is the strongest. When were these moments? As you meditate more do you find this voice growing stronger? Were there times when it protected you from making a wrong decision? Focusing your inner gaze on the third eye area between the eyebrows and using the after-image glow of a candle flame is said to help stimulate the pineal gland. This is known as the yoga practice of Trataka. Look it up to find out more how you can incorporate this practice into your meditation.

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