Anahata or Heart Chakra

Unlike the previous chakras, the explanation of the Anahata Chakra comes in two videos. The first video introduces the chakra and the second video further down contains a full explanation of the vrittis. Of the 7 chakras, the Heart is the most important. Just like what Dada says, our own spiritual teacher has said many a-time that the spiritual path is essentially one of the heart. There is no spirituality without the heart. One must be willing to make the supreme effort to develop the capacity for unconditional love.

Below you will find a full transcript for the first video and a partial transcript for the second video. We hope you will forgive us as the second transcript is too long to include here. Instead we hope you will create your own transcript from where we left off. Right below is a Journal Activity to help you increase your understanding of this chakra.


If you drew a line joining the nipples and another line vertically down the middle of the front of your body, where the two lines intersect is the Anahata Chakra. This is the middle chakra between the 3 lower (animality) and 3 higher chakras (divinity). Within your body are the gunas – rajas (dynamic), tamas (static) and sattvas (sentient). The lower chakras are mostly dynamic and static. The higher chakras are where the mind is becoming more sentient where we will decide if we want to progress on the path of divinity or to turn back and degenerate to animality nature.

It is at the Heart Chakra where your decision about spirituality is most important. You have to choose your path. It is the most essential center in one’s quest in spirituality. Humanity becomes divinity that is spirituality. By entering the Heart Chakra we enter the domain of spirituality.

The vrittis here are different from the lower chakras where the mental expressions are more negative. Here in the Heart, the vrittis are undecided whether to be positive or negative. It depends on the intentions of the aspirant. This is where the Heart Chakra is so important in whether you progress on the path or not. It has an immense role on the spiritual path.

How does the Heart Chakra transform an aspirant? How does someone transform into a super human? We will see.

To begin, Anahata Nada is a mystical experience and it is a subtle sound. The universe is the result of light and sound. Waves of sonic nature that transforms into physical expression. The primordial sound can be heard as Om. It is also heard as the sweet sound of the flute. When the mystic hears this sound, he becomes intoxicated.

Anahata controls the air element. This is not oxygen or any of the other gases. Air element is subtle energy within the body, unseen and is vital in breathing. Sleep. Hunger. Prana, apana, samana, udana, etc, all these are part of the air element. Without this vital air there is no life. This is similar to qi or ki. Prana has great influence over the mind. If prana is steady and calm, the mind will be stable and sharp, can focus, and intuition is strong.

In Anahata Chakra there is a key to control the mind. The animal is an antelope. It is an animal that is like the wind hardly ever staying still. It represents the constant movement nature of our mind, our thoughts. The thymus gland is connected to the Anahata. As we get older, it shrinks and eventually is absorbed into the body as fat. Its main function is to release immune hormones to fight infection. They can distinguish between what’s good and bad cells and which to attack. This is the same as our conscience, the ability to tell what’s right and wrong.

It is said that 90% of diseases are somatic in nature where they start in the mind. There are many stories of miraculous cures because of the power of the mind. In this sense we must know the mind especially the emotions that affect the mind. People who have support through groups have higher chances of recovery because of the psychological effect.

Propensities of the Anahata

The ability to make an effort i.e. to make an endeavour is where we humans differ from animals who are mostly reactive to their environment. The human mind is therefore proactive. Humans can make decisions because we believe it can be done. We can differentiate between positive and negative feelings. We are able to shape our environment. We say someone has a lion heart because the person can fight, make an endeavour to create something. This vritti makes the heart strong.

Viveka is another most important vritti and is the ability to discriminate and is also called conscience. It’s the inner seeing and quiet voice of the heart. It’s intuition and it begins in the heart. We somehow know what is the right thing to be done in the name of morality. Faith in the promptings of the divine to direct your path is also part of this chakra. You will hear its voice if your heart is open.

For the rest of the vrittis which Dada makes it all very clear, please watch to the end of the video.


Journal Activity: How can you open your heart more so as to be able to listen to your inner voice, inner teacher and to the Divine? What are your visions on your path? Is there anything that is stopping your heart from opening more? Have you let go of past hurts that might have caused your heart to close up? In our experience, you can actually feel the heart moving when you release old baggages that cause you to put your heart inside a box because of past hurts. Your body will assist if you are willing to let it go. Also, there is this transcendent feeling that washes over you when the divine wants you to have a taste of what is truly love. We’ve experienced it ourselves and it’s the most amazingly soft feeling ever. Your heart just expands and you can no longer hold a grudge. You will want to do better.

~ ॐ ~