The antahkarana – rainbow chakra bridge

There exists in all of us a bridge that takes us from here to the Divine. This is the antahkarana and it involves the 7 major chakras along your spine and those beyond your physical body. Spiritual practice is all about building this rainbow chakra bridge.

The bridge to the Divine

There is something common across time amongst all the cultures, both ancient and contemporary. And that is, the use of symbols as a language to connect with the gods. And how do we gain a direct line to them? It is through our subconscious and through the spiritual alchemy of the inner work we do on the inner planes that creates a clear conduit for communication. All of this happens as we make the journey home on a road paved with symbols. Why does it have to be this way? Why seek to go home when we are already home? What a paradox!

Some say it’s the only way for the soul to evolve ever higher. Life after life, incarnation after incarnation, we make divine plans where we aren’t allowed to remember the previous life in its entirety although glimpses occur through what we can intuit and when places, people and events trigger a sense of deja vu. And that’s it. In our desperation, we might turn to divination or astrology for some clue as to what’s next but the fact remains that we need to do the work.

Meditation and journalling

This is where we would like to emphasise yet again the importance of meditation and keeping a journal. Carving out quiet time to know yourself is a sure way to grow in self-awareness and to connect with what’s happening in your subconscious where all things in your life have their roots. And because the subconscious speaks through symbols such as dreams, it’s worthy to note down these down as they arise. You can only become aware of them if you sit and open the door to them. It’s not going to happen if your nose is always glued to your phone or you are running around too busy to sit. So, there are two things that you need to make time for to help yourself on this journey.

One, to sit. And two, to note the symbolic language that your subconscious is using to connect with you through your growing awareness. Through this, you will then know what to do to build the bridge and just like a physical bridge, you will build it stone by stone. You will start by clearing debris that no longer serve you in order to create space for new energies to help you evolve higher. Spiritual alchemy on the journey is all about making yourself into a bridge, a receptacle, or a ladder that can carry the light, all with the goal of coming face-to-face with the Divine even if the latter is already within you all this time. You can also call it the parting of the veils, or a peeling back of the layers like an onion.

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Chakra Bridge exists in you as a conduit of energy that ascends from the molten core of the earth, through your spine, and up to the higher planes. Then down again and up again. This exchange goes on indefinitely till you reach the end of your sitting and you close off the conduit and you request for the healing to continue even after. This conduit consists of energy running through the 7 major chakras. There are actually more chakras in the body with some sources citing 114 but for this bridge, we will go with just the 7 major ones. There’s much I can say about the chakras based on what I learned from two great masters, Choa Kok Sui and Mantak Chia when they were here in Singapore in the 1980s. But this I will save for another time and place in perhaps a workshop in the near future.

Peeling back the layers

So, what has sitting, peeling back the layers and the 7 major chakras got to do with the journey and quest? Lots, as the path takes you in and out. The Only Way In Is Out. Therein lies the answer to Who-am-I and What’s-the-meaning-of-it-all. It’s another way of saying, you need to evolve on this journey. And you do it through working on your chakras. It’s a two-way thing – how you function affects the state of your chakras. Over time, the state of your chakras will determine how you continue to function in the way you think, speak, and act. The sum of it all adds up to creating the YOU that you are. The crux of the journey is that you need to heal from issues you continue to carry with you and which no longer serves you on the path. Yes, it’s almost like an ascension path where you are constantly called to evolve ever higher.

Lessons will present themselves to get you to a point where you can finally function from a place of unconditional love, wisdom and compassion. Of course you can choose not to do the work but any lesson not learned in this life is said to return in double intensity. For example, if you have a short fuse and prone to anger and control issues, wouldn’t you want to be freed from their tyranny for your own sake as well as others? This is where the Rainbow Bridge comes in.

House of the Bridge between Heaven and Earth

It has also been called The House Of the Bridge Between Heaven and Earth, and House of the Seven Lights of the Earth, recorded in cuneiform and credited to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, 605 BC. If this ‘house’ was a physical structure such as a ziggurat, it is already long gone with no trace found so far. Yet there it is, recorded in stone. Could this be a symbol that represents a timeless practice that undergirds much of the esoteric practices of self-purification? I believe that the Rainbow Bridge or House of the Seven Lights is a symbol representing the 7 major chakras and the kundalini. It is similarly represented in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.

Evolving through life’s lessons

The lessons pave the road on the journey. You can’t run away from them. But be comforted that each lesson learned will bring you one step closer to evolving to a better and higher version of who you once were. All for the sake of getting our energy system fit to carry the light. You see, here we have the 7 major chakras each represented by a colour of the rainbow. When all the colours merge, they become white light. You would see this in a prism.

This is what we are after when we do all the inner work required on the path. We aim to become a being of light. The bridge to the divine. Every high adept will tell you the same. You can’t climb higher if you don’t take care of the lower. This isn’t just a bridge but also a ladder with rungs. Akin to Jacob’s Ladder of Light in the bible. Step by step, you create the awareness of what’s going on inside of you, do the necessary work and you will build a safe way up, rung by rung.

Transcend your limiting patterns

It’s important to evolve because it’s also about real freedom. In my work in social services, I have seen time and again how very clearly people’s lives continue to be run by unaddressed issues lodged in their psyche. Mostly issues caused by conditions of worth imposed by well-meaning but misguided caregivers early on in their lives. Many continue to run their lives based on ineffective intergenerational patterns of behaviour that get passed on from generation to generation.

Some of these folks just don’t know better while there are just as many who don’t want to change preferring to be in victim mode instead and to maintain their secondary gains. I mean anger and control issues do get them what they want which is a sense of power over others even if that power works against them. Who really likes a person with a short fuse? People would just tip toe around them but imagine what they say behind his back. The sad thing is that nothing will change unless he develops the self-awareness to realise he does need to change and how to do it.

Zap them at the root level

And so most people’s problems don’t really get addressed at the root level where it counts. They go around like the pilgrim in Pilgrim’s Progress lugging a huge lump on his back. I guess you would, too, if weren’t any wiser. Imagine if you grew up hearing on a daily basis that you were unwanted and a burden to the family. Where your mother always wished out loud you were never born. As you grow up, you might not realise the negative impact this has on your self-worth and confidence. You don’t realise you are developing coping strategies that include asserting yourself to prove you are worthy.

Like when you use subtle put-downs on others just to make yourself feel good. Your sense of self-worth is so shaky that anything and everything can become a slight to you. You unwittingly maintain an endless cycle of pain and problems to yourself and others. Who likes to be around someone who is so quick to anger? If this person can come to a point to be willing enough to do some healing work then he would begin his road to freedom. A counsellor, or a psychologist, could be the first step towards healing from his wounds. Either way, it’s about getting unstuck and functioning from a more effective as well as more enlightened way of being. One that leads to more light and one that will take him further on the path of awakening.

Self-knowledge through the chakras

In short, understanding oneself through the chakras and healing the wounds we carry is part of the journey. You can’t do this without putting in the work to create awareness of how you function and why you do it. I know it might sound like a lot of navel gazing but it’s not narcissism when you make an effort to become whole so that you become a tool for the divine to serve humanity. You want to become a worker of the light in partnership with the Divine. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

~ ॐ ~

True goal of yoga.