Conscious awareness: a quote

To live each moment with conscious awareness demands that we be brave.


What drives our behaviour and choices are often hidden

deep down in our psyche and often we find we

have to descend down into the depths

in order to bring them back

up to the light.

The question is: Are we brave enough to confront our shadow self? And after that, to change what doesn’t work for us or the people close to us. Is there something in us that is making us unhappy and unfulfilled so much so that the dissatisfaction is subverted and manifested in less than conducive ways e.g. into anger and control issues.
If you watch yourself closely over an entire day and note down all your responses to situations, what would you see? If it’s more negative than positive, maybe the 3Qs might help you put some joy into your life. If it’s a new reality you want, then you owe it to yourself to go create one. Start here.





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