Finding purpose in your work

We live in an evolving spiritual world where work is no longer just about earning a salary but has to be more…it needs to have meaning and purpose. It is about using our gifts and talents to add value to the world. To serve.

Roasted peanut seller in Rishikesh plying his ware in winter. He serves the peanuts with jaggery making them super delicious. Now what would be his purpose in work, I wonder.

Courage to live a life of purpose

We want our lives to count for something. We want what we do for a living to matter. And we want to be able to live with courage. Indeed, to live a life with purpose requires courage. And history has shown us – Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Terry Fox and the list goes on. It requires courage to align your life to your purpose.

What is that purpose

Do you know that your purpose can change at different phases of your life? What drove you during your young adulthood might change when you are into retirement. That said, whatever life stage you are at right now, what is it that makes you jump out of bed each morning? If you were in an elevator, and someone asked you what’s your purpose in life, what would your answer be? Short and succinct before the elevator doors open again?

Your elevator speech here: ___________________________________.

Working-On-Purpose inventory

work on purpose inventory
The Power of Purpose by Richard Leider

Are you living out your purpose in your work? Not sure?

Then maybe you might want to give the following checklist a go, the WORKING-ON-PURPOSE INVENTORY by Richard Leider (2010). I highly recommend this book.

Check yes or no to each question. The number of yes-es will be a general indication of your power of purpose at work.

Working-on-Purpose Inventory by Richard Leider

1. Do I wake up most Mondays feeling energised to go to work?

2. Do I have deep energy – feel a personal calling – for my work?

3. Am I clear about how I measure my success as a person?

4. Do I use my gifts to add real value to people’s lives?

5. Do I work with people who honor the values I value?

6. Can I speak my truth in my work?

7. Am I experiencing true joy in my work?

8. Am I making a living doing what I most love to do?

9. Can I speak my purpose in one clear sentence?

10. Do I go to sleep most nights feeling this was a well-lived day?

Get more clarity with the 3Qs

How did you score? Did the questions on the inventory make you re-think about the direction you want your life to take? If so, then head over to my 3Qs, just 3 fundamental questions, and see if there’s a new path waiting for you instead.













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