Change your frequency to change your reality

We are energy beings, made entirely of the energy of light. Every thought we hold is energy. Every reaction to life, every habit we form – all these are energies. They have the cumulative effect of creating grooves in your psyche. This is why you have repeating patterns in how you think, do and say.

In this video, Christie explains how holding a negative and limiting belief tends to pull in a whole lot more of other related negative sub-beliefs thus creating a compounding effect that is detrimental to our overall well-being. Getting stuck in a negative spiral ends up limiting our potential as one’s energy sinks down to as low as it can go where shame resides.

Zen – no this, no that

Watch this video for an exceptionally clear explanation as to why all spiritual teachers would exhort us not to hold any likes or dislikes, good or bad, and this or that.

They tell us this for the sole reason that such forms of duality ends up creating more negative karma. If we would only suspend our thinking and give to the situation what it demands with no more or less, then we would keep negative karma at bay. Or at least we would be making an effort not to incur any more than we should.


Your teacher must have also taught how having a mindset of gratitude is so important to success and if nobody has ever quite explained it, well, Christie explains how thoughts of gratitude create an energetic vortex around one’s self and this vortex tends to pull in even more positive, spiritual energy from the universal source. Like attracts like, in this case.

Thoughts are energy

If nothing else, we are what we think because our thoughts are energy in nature and they change the crystalline structure of the water composition in our bodies. That’s why we are what we think. We literally become what we think as the water molecules in our bodies respond to our thoughts by changing their structures.

Program your subconscious

This indeed is the whole secret behind affirmations and sublimals. Hypnotherapy. NLP. Creative visualisation. The whole works. This is the real secret behind our ability to be successful in all areas of our lives. The secret behind why we are capable of manifesting anything we could ever want.

All we have to do is change our thoughts and program for what we want.


This is also why our teachers tell us to meditate because therein lie all the secrets. What secrets are these? Only you will know what these secrets are as they reveal themselves to you. Only if you take to the cushion.

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