Holistic Counselling

There came a time when I realised that I needed to include art, symbol and metaphor to the mainstream counselling techniques I was using so as to help my clients give voice to what’s buried deep within their psyche. This holistic approach, known as Holistic Counselling, enabled them to get to the root of the problem by using language that goes beyond words to where it mattered most.

We are both right- and left-brained creatures and a combination of both holistic and mainstream counselling methods will create wellness in every sense of the word. The mind-body connection in healing, or psycho-neuro-immunology, is a well-known fact supported by scientific research. Studies have shown that when you heal the mind you also heal the body and the spirit. This is the basis of holistic healing and I have some of the most effective modalities to offer to address the whole person. You can find out more here: Holistic Healing.

The clients I have worked with range from the preschooler to the senior living in residential care. Holistic Counselling isn’t just talk therapy but can include modalities such as the following which I learned from Dr. Patricia Sherwood of Australia in her course on holistic counselling. Coupled with a postgraduate degree in professional counselling from Swinburne University, you could say I now have the best of both worlds.

👉🏼 Colour & Artistic Communication

👉🏼 Clay work

👉🏼 Sandplay

The modality chosen will be determined by what the client is drawn to as well as the nature of the issue(s). Each modality is excellent in its own right as a mode of expression for telling one’s story. They are fluid and malleable and will allow the story to emerge and take shape in 2-D or 3-D form unlike just verbal. This in itself is the cathartic act that starts the healing process. The psyche has found its voice through the medium used.

As I have written here in my article, it’s really because art in its various forms is about the most effective medium that allows the psyche to have the strongest and most visible voice. I offer my clients the same mediums I myself use and am familiar with. I have painted, drawn, sculpted, sewn, embroidered, knitted, and crocheted besides photography and a whole lot of other stuff. Let me add that I am not attempting art therapy here. I use art to help my clients express where words fail. You can see examples of this in the gallery below.

I have also done a lot of work with the elderly in nursing homes especially with patients in the dementia wards. If you have an elderly relative in residential care, they can definitely benefit from regular weekly creative sessions to provide stimulation for the mind thus staving off the devastating effects from dementia or Alzheimer’s. All too often, nursing home staff are just too busy with routine care duties to be able to provide more.

Connect with me here for a no-obligation chat: Contact Form or email me: email@thelotusinthepond.com. In the meantime, have a read here how I have used art very successfully for my clients with dementia: HeArt – Art and Dementia.