Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing addresses the mind, body, spirit, and soul. We are our mind as much as the body. Heal the mind and the body follows. Let the psyche speak so that spirit and soul can be nourished and this in turn creates further health in mind and body. This is psycho-neuro-immunology, a well-documented phenomenon supported by contemporary scientific research that shows dis-ease begins in the mind and is anchored in the psyche.

A guide shows the way

Holistic healing in my book isn’t just about energy work or regressing you back in time. It goes deeper than that to what I call your inner map. This is the map of who you are and why dis-ease is now being felt. You have been shaped by circumstances, challenges, as well as lost opportunities and unfulfilled potential in your life. My way of effecting holistic healing is to empower you to understand why you are who you are and what is standing in your way of a more life-enhancing reality. Holistic healing is the means of restoring lost power back to you. This can help bring about the most amazing healing ever.

I remember a client who came in with a serious case of eczema of more than 20 years. She had come to me for Reiki and as I tuned in to her on a deeper level, there was one specific question that I had to ask and it startled her that I ‘knew’ what was eating at her deep inside. A deep sense of regret. It wasn’t that I knew or that I was psychic which I am not but it’s just that with heightened sensitivity to the suffering of others, one can often spot what else is going on on a deeper level.

With that out in the open so that she can now deal with it, I then took her along her timeline to map her life story. Her skin condition began to improve and actually cleared up significanlty within the next week that even I was astounded by the change. During the follow-up sessions, she was able to gradually shed more and more of what no longer served her. She could get on with her life with more joy than before. That to me is what I call holding up the lantern so that you see your way forward.

The modalities I offer in Holistic Healing

Looking back I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers. Hence, there is always something in my eclectic tool bag to address either the body, mind, spirit, soul, or psyche. Although I have used any number of the following modalities in the past, these days, I go straight to where it matters most, that is, in the chakras. Here is where the root of the problem lies.

👉🏼Yoga and Pranayama – trained directly by teachers at Prashanti Kutiram in India

👉🏼Pranic Healing – trained directly by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui

👉🏼Usui Reiki – trained by a master teacher from the direct lineage of Mikao Usui

👉🏼Healing with the Tao – trained directly by Master Mantak Chia

👉🏼Holistic Massage – a diploma course taught by instructors from ITEC, UK to help you locate on your body the places where you are holding your less than positive emotions

👉🏼Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP – trained with curriculum from Bandler and Grindler

👉🏼Hypnotherapy – trained with curriculum accredited with the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA

👉🏼Art and all creative acts – from my Drawing studies and art electives at University

The role of the chakras in Holistic Healing

Pranayama and chakras

Much of the work in Holistic Healing begins and ends in the energy body where the chakras are. Mapping your life story is also a map of how your chakras have shaped and may continue to shape your territory unless you do something about it. To know why you think, feel, act, or speak the way you do, we will need to assess what’s happening on the energy level i.e. at the chakras which are in truth the indicators of your total wellbeing. They are linked to your body, mind, spirit, soul, and psyche. Depending on what’s happening in your life, there may be depletion, congestion, over-stimulation, or under-activation at the chakras. Mapping your life story is therefore a map of your chakras. As you traverse through the landscape that has shaped you in your growth and development, your chakras will likewise operate in tandem shaping the territory as you travel through life.

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