Europe – Insight Tour


I went on a Europe Insight Tour back in 1996 when I was on semester break in Perth. From there I flew to London with a stopover here! For about 15 days, I was only the other Asian amongst all the Aussies in the coach and it was an eye-opener travelling with so many whites. Still, it was extremely enjoyable and if I could, I would do it again. The architecture alone is enough reason to want to go again.

We had stopovers at a good number of the major cities – from London, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Belgium. All the hotels were small but pleasant and comfortable. Food was always good although it was terribly expensive in Rome.

I remember returning to London once, bringing an empty suitcase there and buying a whole lot of books back. Never saw such a huge book shop before in my life. I bought a lot of art resource books. And visited all the art galleries one by one. Wow!

And the best place, the one place I loved most was the Kew Gardens. Truly amazing collection of plants.