Manifest love, peace, health, success with Chit Sakti Meditation

Living well and doing well means that, at some point, you would have made meditation a supportive element in your life. You might even have found meditation to be an inseparable part of who you are. That’s because you know meditation continues to do wonderful things that help you to live more effectively. However there’s more to it than that if you are ready to believe….

chit shakti guided meditation

It’s time you included Guided Meditations into your yogi toolbox.

However, there’s something else I was hoping you might want to try. Let me introduce to you Sadhguru’s Chit Shakti Guided Meditations which I have put down below for you to download (they are free and for sharing). The reason why I want to do this is, and I speak from the point of a trained hypnotherapist, that you should consider including this amazing tool called guided meditation aka creative visualisation in your toolbox. That is, if you haven’t already.

Guided meditation is meditation in the sense that it uses the mind, same as in meditation per se. The only difference is you are actively programming the subconscious for what you want to happen in reality. Anyone can do it once they learn the technique. As for whether you will get what you wished for, You Will See It When You Believe It, best sums it up.

There’s also something else called auto-suggestion or sublimals. But we’ll go into that another time. They are also great tools to use. However, in the world of marketing, these wonderful tools have been used in rather sinister ways but we’ll save that for another post.


Meditation per se versus Guided Meditation – what’s the difference?

First, there is meditation and there is guided meditation (aka guided visualisation). Both have their purpose and unique methodology. The one similarity is that both use the mind as the main tool to access either the deep silence and a whole different realm within, or to improve aspects of life that is far from ideal. Whichever meditation method you use, it’s still back to the mind.

Meditation as in Zen meditation or Vipassana meditation is a method you learn from a qualified teacher and then continue to expend time and effort with the purpose of polishing the mirror of your mind. There is no short cut here. There is no visualisation here. There is only the purpose of the stillness, sunyata, or void that one seeks.

For the latter, well, trawl through Youtube and you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of guided meditations for just about everything. This is where you will need to decide for yourself what works and what doesn’t. Guided meditation on its own is a great tool, a form of self-hypnosis. This I learned when I was undergoing NGH certification as a qualified Hypnotherapist. It is a very effective tool if used properly.

Now that we have that cleared up a bit, let’s talk about Sadhguru’s Chit Shakti meditation.


Guided Meditation has an important role to play in programming your mind.

These 4 guided meditations from Sadhguru actually contain the very basic important elements of how one can design a guided meditation to improve any area in one’s life. This in itself is a great tool everyone should learn. In fact, what Sadhguru is really doing is to show you, please learn to use your mind well, and you can have anything you wish. You become a Kalpa Vriksha.

However, what he didn’t mention in these downloads is the other part of the story and that is, like energies attract like energies. Meaning to say, you do need to do other things to support what you are asking for. For that, you need to go listen to some more of his videos and read some more of his articles to get the background.

I mean, would you think love would show up and stick to you if you didn’t also make an effort to improve yourself, to change some part of your behaviour, thinking, or speaking patterns, to make yourself more lovable or a love magnet? Imagine if you always showed up unshaved, unwashed, uncouth, unkind and when was the last time you changed your underwear? You know what I mean!


Are you ready to manifest using Guided Meditation?

Finally, let me just round off by saying again what the great secret is. It’s all about you being found ready for what you wish to manifest. You want things to change? Then something’s got to give in terms of either your behaviour, speech, or thinking patterns. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, go ahead and download (it’s free although it wasn’t before) and try it out for yourself. Like I said, manifesting is essentially just this. Nothing mysterious or fanciful.

If you want to read more, here’s Sadhguru’s take on Kalpa Vriksha (a wish-fulfilling tree).


chit sakti

chit sakti

chit sakti

chit sakti

Here’s also an article by Sadhguru where he explains the territory of one’s mind. And he answers a question as to whether one can speed up the spiritual process.