Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra

This video is the third in a series of the 7 major chakras, the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra. The same high quality of presentation is maintained as with the first and second videos with a clear explanation and practical tips and suggestions to improve oneself through understanding the 10 vrittis or emotions represented by the 10 petals of this chakra. We chose this video because it’s really one of the best.

Below is a short transcript from the video. Right below is our contribution of a Journal Activity with questions to help increase understanding of 3rd chakra issues.


Represents a state of mind where the mind is attracted to the external world that is shiny and attractive like a jewel. Connected with heat and the fiery emotions. Represents activity like a mountain ram that can climb the most impossible slopes. It has thick fur that represents intense warmth or ‘fire’. One who has a strong Manipura can be seen in the fire in their eyes. They possess a certain glow.

This chakra is associated with our digestion system – stomach, intestines, spleen, liver, etc. Weakness in the chakra is shown in poor digestion or cold felt in the extremities. What you eat will greatly affect this chakra. Vegetarian diet with occasional water fasting will be very good. Taking cold showers will help remove sluggishness and fire you up. You will know this chakra is optimal when there is no mucus in your sinuses.

One significant vritti is blind attachment or irrational and egoistic passion for a certain object, person, location, pet, money, power, etc. Unless one does something to counteract it, one remains shackled. This is unlike the other 2 lower chakras where there is only seeking of enjoyment of tendencies. Here it is about wanting to merge as in “I need you. I want you to be the way I need you to be.” Or, they take exceptional care of the object of passion so that they can control, own and manipulate.

Attachments are a source of misery because everything is transient. When one cannot let go of one’s attachment that’s a real source of pain when it’s gone. It’s like a couple who have grown apart over the years and problems arise when one tries to keep the other person from growing and changing.

It is love that should replace this attachment. One who loves is loved because one is innately happy to love without anything in return. Here, it is I want to get then I will love unlike the higher chakras.

One way that mystics practice is to understand that attachment is to form and shape while love is to the essence. Form and shape is actually one with the essence. Once you get this, love is all there is. You will care and love without the need to possess and attach.

Attachment leads to many other associated emotions e.g. fear of loss of the object of attachment. Those who meditate will begin to lose this fear. They become fearless. This is due to withdrawal and detachment from body and things in the external world and they are not identified with body or mind. A life free from fear is a most happy thing because there is nothing to hang on to or fear its loss.

Freedom from fear is the most excellent quality of the Manipura Chakra. There is neither wish to destroy the object of fear or to take flight from it. It is to be in possession of oneself. Finally, go past all the vrittis associated with this chakra and when the City of Jewels no longer enamours you, you will start to look for deeper meaning in your life.


Journal Activity: This chakra is all about empowerment and one’s sense of power. Its name means ‘city of jewels’. Like Dada explained, one can get seriously lost here if we become too enamoured with every ‘bright’ jewel especially when not everything that glitters is gold. So what is the true treasure here? Our mastery of self, self-empowerment and what do we do with that power. This leads to the most important question here: Do we own our power or do we give it away? Example in co-dependence? How firm is your root foundation and sense of self have an impact on this chakra and so you might need to trace back to unmet 1st and 2nd chakra needs to fully understand why you don’t feel fulfilled. Or that fear continues to rule your life. Why are you fearful and anxious? What is lacking?

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