96% of your life is run by your subconscious

Think about it. Who is really pulling your strings when what’s in your subconscious accounts for 96% of your reality? If you have been meditating for a while and been watching that mind doing its thing, you will soon see stuff rising to the surface. Yes, stuff that has been running your life all along and it’s time you got back some control. 

The Iceberg Theory

Let’s take a look at how thoughts shape our world….

1. From a yoga standpoint, we are made of energy and your thoughts are definitely energy.

Yoga scriptures tell us we have altogether 5 energy bodies known as koshas or, sheaths, and they are subtle energy bodies that is a reflection of certain aspects of our well-being, from the physical to the emotional, to the mental and bliss body. Each is connected to the other by a network of nadis, or energy pathways acting as conduits for the flow qi or prana throughout our system, thus keeping us in good health or not.

What we also need to know is that we can consciously change the quality of the prana in our system through the practice of pranayama, or breathing techniques. The way we breathe is the way we think and vice versa. Hence, we need to appreciate that breath and thought go hand in hand. That is why the Vedic scriptures say pranayama can even change our karma or destiny. We can change the quality of our being by working on our breath. Equally, we can change the state of our being by working on our thoughts simply because we are all energy beings.

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The nadis are not visible to our eyes because they are energy pathways much like the Chinese meridians in acupuncture..

2. From a neurophysiological standpoint, all thoughts are yes, energy which means they have the potential to effect change. 

Neurophysiological science tells us that every thought that ever existed has its beginning as an energy wave. By virtue of the fact that it is energy, therefore, it has the potential to create an impact. Let’s say, someone has upset you so much that you are really fuming. Here you have two choices. One, you do your best to let it go for your own sake because two, anger hurts us more than the other person.

Clairvoyants have reported that thoughts sent out in anger is often seen as red or black energy shooting out. If your target is near enough, he or she would receive these arrows in her aura. That’s how people are able to sense when someone is really upset with them. Worse yet, these ‘arrows’ leave behind a  hole in the aura of the angry person. If the anger is allowed to fester, like harbouring it over a long time, years maybe, the next thing to happen is dis-ease appearing in the physical body of the one holding the anger.

To take it further, traditional Chinese medicine says we hold anger in the liver, grief in the lungs, stress in the stomach, worry and anxiety in the kidneys and money problems in the lower back. Why do you think all spiritual teachings exhort us to hold only good thoughts? To harbour no ill will? To have only pure intentions? It’s all about the impact on one’s own well-being. That and the fact that for every good thing you do, it will come back to you a hundredfold. This is the universal Golden Rule no one told you about. You get what you give out.

And by the time we truly understand the immense power of our mind and how our thoughts can shape our reality, we find that humility has become second nature. Nothing and nobody bothers us and best of all, we become disinterested in asking for anything more because we are pretty satisfied with what we have or don’t have. Life gets really simplified. There isn’t anything more we need or want.

3. From Buddha’s standpoint, thoughts are energy that create samskaras & therefore karma

There is a concept in Buddhism known as The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination. It explains how one thing gives rise to another in the process of cause and effect. What this concept really means is that we should watch our thoughts because they create a chain effect. Thought leads to emotion. Emotion leads to behaviour. And just like that, we are caught forever on the wheel of samsara, life after life, constantly creating and adding karma when a little bit of awareness can arrest our pain and suffering. Until we bring awareness to our thought processes, we are hopelessly lost.

4. From the Iceberg Theory standpoint, thoughts are energy that lurk beneath the surface and they are the ones that pull the strings

The Iceberg Theory was created by Freud to explain that 96% of our reality is actually ruled by our subconscious. Wow! meaning to say that more than half the time, we think, feel and act without being aware of what we are really doing. That’s quite true. How many of us are able to pause between stimulus and response and to rest in the gap thereby giving ourselves the chance to choose wisely and mindfully? Very few indeed. But all is not lost because we can decide what resides in our subconscious and what runs our show. In that way, we can change our reality and destiny.

5. From the hypnotist standpoint, your subconscious is very malleable and you can program your reality, a most powerful tool indeed

NeuroLinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy are some of the tools we could use to access and influence the subconscious. That’s because….

  1. your subconscious cannot differentiate between what’s good or bad, what is real vs imagined; when you instruct it to do something, it just goes and does it
  2. your subconscious responds extremely well to an instruction that is accompanied by vivid emotion and mental images
  3. your subconscious is your best partner as it goes and creates the reality you planted without asking why, how, what, etc.
  4. your subconscious responds a whole lot better to positive rather than negative instructions which is the main reason why positive affirmations work so well if repeated often enough and paired with the appropriate emotions
  5. your subconscious never stops working and it is when you are asleep and the door to your subconscious is wide open that makes it a perfect time to program it just before you fall asleep through sublimal suggestions

When you climb into bed tonight, you might want to exercise the choice of what you will take with you into your sleep. If you want to change your life, you will have to start programming your subconscious in a conscious way so that you have more of that 96% under your control. What will you program it with? Only what’s positive and good.

Think about what you want as your reality. See it in your imagination in its full glory. How you are dressed, who is there with you, how you feel. Even though it’s an imaginary scene, treat it like your new reality has already been fulfilled. Follow it with an affirmation that begins with these two powerful words, “I am…. “. Who you want to be, what you want your life to be, start it with “I am… “. As sleep takes over, let it go and have a good night’s rest. Make sure you don’t overdo it otherwise you end up with a mind so active that sleep eludes you. Now that you have already planted the seed, let it do its work while you rest. Repeat again for every night until what you want manifests itself.

You can also program your subconscious at the tail end of your meditation when your mind has come to a restful place that’s conducive for planting seeds. Again, using the power of your imagination, see yourself in your mind’s eye, all that you desire as your reality. Imagine it as vividly as you can. Follow it with positive affirmations. Then let it go when you surface. Let the seed do its job. This is the basis of The Secret and it’s an ancient, ancient technique taught eons ago documented in the yoga sutras.