Kalpa Vriksha – a guided meditation from Sadhguru-ji

All that we see around us, all the things that mankind has invented and created have all come from the mind, beginning as an idea. The quality of our minds translates into the sort of world we create. That’s so true. Every invention that mankind has ever created came from someone’s bright idea. How then do we keep our minds so that we create only what is good for one and all?

Kalpa Vriksha Guided Meditation by Sadhguru

In the video below, Sadhguru tells the story of the Man Who Became A Kalpa Vriksha but who didn’t appreciate the power he had. He wasted it because his mind was like a monkey mind, first wanting this and then something else the next moment, all of them sensory desires. Sadhguru calls this an unestablished mind or monkey mind.

You don’t get anywhere with a mind like that. Samyukti is the state of a mind where all 4 dimensions of body, emotion, mind, and fundamental energies are aligned in one direction. In this way, your focus will be like a laser beam and you will be able to reach your goals. You will have become a creator.

This is the true goal of yoga, to become the Divine that you think is outside you. You and the Divine are one. There are tools and technology within the science of yoga to transform you from a product of creation to being the Creator.


Along with your power as a Kalpa Vriksha comes a huge responsibility to use wisely your body, emotional, mental and life energies to benefit humankind. Don’t turn a boon into a curse.

Be laser-like in your focus of what you want

The key is to make yourself fully conscious of what you are doing, what it is you want, and how to go about it. There’s no conflict. You know exactly what you want. It’s like people who have this simple but utter faith in something. Non-wavering. Stubborn. Tenacious. They know exactly how their life should be happening. They strive to make it happen. They have total faith that it can happen. They don’t question that it can’t or won’t happen. There is no negativity to taint what they want.

Your thoughts have immense power

Thoughts are powerful. Our mind is capable of so much more than we can possibly imagine. Be clear of what you really, really want. If you don’t know what it is you want, what’s going to make you happy, then go and answer these 3 questions first and you will be ready to become a Kalpa Vriksha.

The guided meditation in Sadhguru-ji’s voice

And now for the Kalpa Vriksha Guided Meditation….

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