Muladhara or Root Chakra

This video is the first of the 7 major chakras, the Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra, and in our opinion, is one of the best videos out there that gives a most succinct explanation with practical tips and suggestions on how to improve one self based on what the chakra is indicating to us through the 4 emotions or vrittis (aka mental churnings) represented by the 4 petals of the chakra. Dada (which means brother) will give you a thorough explanation on what these are.

The following is a short transcript from the video. Right below is our contribution of a Journal Activity to help increase understanding of 1st chakra issues.


Psycho-physical longings in the Muladhara Chakra

Associated with basic physical needs – sleep, food, self-preservation, security, procreation.

    1. The energy of basic desires when refined in the higher chakras becomes subtler. And this gives one a sense of power that comes from a sense of expanded mind.
    2. On the other hand, if kept at the lower levels one can become aggressive to maintain one’s territory. When refined, one becomes aware that there is no enemy other than one’s own mind. Again this comes from an expanded mind that comes from meditation and spiritual effort.

When you say you want this and not that, who is really talking – body or mind? When you recognize what the body needs and what the mind needs then you will be happy. When the body wants sleep and your mind says you want to continue playing computer game then there is a conflict. Desires of the mind for physical objects but they never bring about true fulfillment.

Psycho-spiritual longings. Once you realize that you are missing something, you will go on a spiritual search. When you finally find what you are looking for, you will flourish and expand. This is the desire of the mind for spiritual objects. This desire is called dharma. The fundamental quality or characteristic of the human being.

To expand is to remove all boundaries and crude forces to become more and more free. To become a better person. To feel connected with others. To be in harmony and dancing in unison with others. To love. To do something worthy and noble. The muladhara energies for food when refined will inspire one to feed the hungry.

Spiritual longing. This is the soul that wants to be liberated from the bondage of the mind. Our consciousness is striving to be liberated from the mind. Otherwise one can never feel true happiness.

A balanced Muladhara Chakra results in a being who has developed in a multi-lateral way like a tiny seed that has blossomed. The practice is aimed at spiritual awakening that comes with practice of meditation and chanting of the mantra. To spark the kundalini energy means opening up the petals of the M chakra so that the energy can rise.

Like the 7-trunked elephant that is associated with this chakra, tendencies and longings become very strong with the self as center.


Journal Activity: The root chakra is all about survival instincts. It’s very name Muladhara means ‘root foundation or support’. Think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and its bottom-most rung. It’s the same. Basic survival issues like home, work, and money. Are these needs met in your life? What is lacking and how might you go about acquiring it? Like Dada explained, basic survival needs are part of our genetic make-up but we don’t need to trample over others to get them met. Like the 7-trunked elephant that is symbolic of this chakra’s energies, we would be careful not to let our needs run our lives. We also don’t let the elephant energies trample over others. And like Dada also said, there are 2 sides to the same coin. What can suck us down can also be refined and lifted to a higher vibration. How can we do more or that?