My mission

As a trained social worker and counsellor, I am most useful as someone who helps others to see their way forward. My mission is therefore to empower you to find and go after what matters most to you. Who am I? What is the meaning of my life? What do I want? Why am I here? How do I make my life count? The answers to these questions will be your guiding stars for a life lived on your terms.

I was once a teacher in mainstream education before I specialised in teaching persons with autism and dyslexia. I returned to graduate school for a Masters degree in social work and counselling and it was when I was working as a medical social worker in mental healthcare that I found my forte in empowering folks with real skills to create life-enhancing realities. I have an eclectic bag of healing tools that include NLP, hypnotherapy, reiki, pranic healing, yoga, and the creative arts. The creative act can really bring about some powerful healing. It’s what I do in Holistic Counselling.

Growth or safety, your choice.

The only way out is in and symbols which you pull from within yourself through guided meditation, journalling or art is really the royal road in and out. Symbols serve such an important function in helping us understand what’s buried deep within our psyche through their visual representation that my work would be incomplete without them. Equally with metaphors. Symbols and metaphors are well known as the alternative language of the unconscious especially when you look at the work of Carl Jung and Milton. This is why my sessions isn’t just talk therapy.

Insight.. Clarity.. Meaning.. Purpose.. Direction.. Action Plan 

The Soul Path

Whether it’s about finding your purpose or simply wanting a solution to a problem you are experiencing right now, you will find that everything will essentially lead back to the same thing. You just want a life that is fulfilling, has purpose and meaning, and where you are happy in your own skin. Whichever it is, all it takes sometimes is just that bit of light and clarity, and the rest will follow.

Like the lotus in the pond, our nature is to seek the Light all the while fully aware we have to live and thrive in the mud.

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