simple rustic vest

A simple rustic vest

simple brown vest

A crochet vest using a lightweight yet very warm acrylic yarn that can really withstand machine wash and drying. Entirely made with just DCs (American term) then finished with alternating rows of DCs and SCs for the edging. There’s nothing that’s too challenging about this project except to watch out for the back neckline and armholes which have to be shaped mostly by reducing at the beginning of each row.

I had to unravel and re-do the armholes 3 times before I got what I liked, that is, a snug fit around any sleeve that I might wear underneath. For most folks this would turn out to be an S-size and that’s what I wanted. Small and a bit on the short side. Part vest and part bolero.

What I used: It’s a variegated yarn with earthy colours that has quickly become my favourite yarn to knit or crochet. I have already made one hat, an infinity wrap as well as one scarf using this same yarn. The hook is a size-8/5-mm for this vest.

8-ply variegated acrylic yarn
8-ply acrylic yarn and size-8 hook

How to make: Start with a row of chains and then wrap it round your body loosely to gauge how wide you want the vest to be. Then work your way up. I didn’t use a paper pattern but went with gut feel. For me that works best. You might want to lay down a simple sleeveless template on paper to follow. Just make sure both sides of the front panels have the same number of rows as you work your way up the armhole. Finish by joining at the shoulders. It’s also important that you slope the shoulders down somewhat or you’ll end up with a sharp point jutting upwards at the tip of each shoulder. Have fun crocheting this simple rustic vest. I love it enough to wear it everyday.