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Art and Dementia

The act of creativity is not confined to status, name, or labels. And certainly not to a diagnostic label like dementia. Time and time again this has been proven right during my sessions with persons with dementia. Why do I enjoy working with them so much? Maybe it’s because I can appreciate that there is more to it than meets the eye. The personality that once was is still very much still and art is a marvellous way to help bring it out.

Making art available to everyone

Art can and should be made available to anyone. In my line of work, whenever it’s time to do art, all I have to do is no more than to set up the materials so that they are within easy reach for everyone especially if they are in wheelchairs.

How to set up

I have found that the best thing to do is to duplicate the materials for each participant thus making it extremely easy for him or her to just focus on the act of creating. Everything from crayons, colour pencils, poster paints nicely watered down in small transparent cups, to glue sticks, all are arranged in a U-shape around each participant’s paper.

Create a setting each

With 6 of these settings on the table spaced out to accommodate the wheelchairs, I would have 6 participants at any one time. After they have taken their places and confirmed the position of their papers, I would then use masking tape to tack down the corners. This helps a lot as some of the participants might only have the use of one hand.SaveSave