Pencils for drawing

What equipment do you need for pencil drawings?

Basically, just about anything you think works for you. As for myself, I have done an entire pencil drawing of the many, many petals of a live lotus just using one mechanical pencil with a 4B lead. But often, it’s the humble 2B pencils that worked the hardest and so I have 3 of them with their nibs shaved and shaped differently. Then there is the 4B, 6B and 8B to add all the darker values that are essential for balance. I also have a thin metal shield for erasing and shaping. Equally important to me is a good kneadable rubber that would lift the graphite without leaving a stain, as well as, a good soft plastic eraser that won’t create a hole or hairs on my drawing when I am rubbing stuff out. Over time, I have developed a liking for the Staedtler brand when it comes to pencil and colour pencils but that’s my personal choice.

The latest pencil drawing is here, a mandala of sorts which I did as a way to process the heavy stuff I have been reading lately.