Simple Lace Scarf

What do you do with your stash?

I had a stash of two balls of DK Rainbow yarn and decided I would use them to create a lace scarf to see how it would hold up. Also, just in case I was going backpacking again and wanted a simple scarf that I could easily squish and carry in my parka pocket. I had a similar DK yarn previously with metallic colours that turned out beautifully when I re-created the Lost-in-Time Shawl using the original designer’s pattern. But this time round, I realised this sort of soft, squishy yarn is best if I kept it simple when it came to open lace work.

This is what I mean. As you can see from the picture below, the shape didn’t hold when I tried it out with two different lace pattern (blue and green rows). The sides just curved in. 

I started over again and this time kept to this simple pattern comprising of a 1-chain space between every DC. This worked perfectly. I didn’t want a long scarf and so I repeated the pattern till the the colours matched on both sides. I then gave the whole thing a more solid feel by adding a [3-chain loop, 1-SC] round the entire edge of the scarf.

The length is just right for two wounds round my neck and enough left of the two ends to tuck into the collar of my jacket for a snug fit. It’s a scarf that’s also a space saver. Something I can just squish and stuff into my pocket or backpack anytime. I hope you give it a try because it’s real easy to create and makes for a great scarf.