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The Map – the meaning and truth in your lifestory

Our lifestory is likened to a physical journey with different landscapes that we traverse during the different stages of our personal growth and development. This journey has been described as the process of individuation by Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychoanalyst and doctor. It has also been likened to the Hero’s Journey, or Heroine’s for that matter, by Joseph Campbell.

In this workshop you will learn the true meaning of the Hero’s Journey which is the story of your life and my life. We all share the same journey although the landscape and territory may be different. But the pattern is the same, in fact, a pattern that can be found in everyone’s life no matter who you are, which part of the world you live in, or even which era you live/lived in.

Together with the various other theories and models of growth and development such as Vygotsky, Erikson, Maslow, or Piaget, we will discover the shared symbolism that accompanies each stage of our growth and therefore our life journey.

By looking back along our individual timeline and mapping the landscape we have traversed so far, we will be able to gain insight into why our life has been the way it was and how to change it for the better. We are literally going to re-shape our inner landscape. What we change on the inside will be reflected on the outside through your thoughts, speech, and behaviour as you live a more life-enhancing reality.

The Map_Your Lifestory

This is a highly experiential workshop that heralds the start of a magical journey that will last you more than a lifetime.

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Date: 13 October 2018, Saturday (next workshop date TBA)

Time: 01:30 p.m. to 05:30 p.m. Singapore Standard Time

Cost: SGD128.00 per pax

Venue: A bright and beautiful studio 5 mins walk from Tai Seng MRT station

(address will be emailed upon confirmation of registration)


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