Surya and the lotus pond

The popular Surya

The sun has always been a power symbol for many cultures including the Mayans and Hindus. It represents the source of life and light without which the world would not be able to exist. Hence it is no surprise that it is even the symbol used to represent the Divine within us. The Creator of all creators, God. He who resides in our Heart Chakra and gives off a most effulgent light.

surya in madhubani art

I have always been fascinated by Surya and am always delighted when it shows up in Madhubani Folk Art. I have seen how he is sometimes more feminine and at other times definitely masculine sporting a moustache. Surya is unmistakably the centre of the piece as he looks on benevolently while villagers go about their daily routine of cooking, planting or tending to cattle. Because agriculture was and still is an important contributor to India’s economy, it is therefore not surprising to see a great deal of nature depicted in its various folk arts. Here is another Madhubani pin from my Pinterest board which seems to represent all that is healthy and abundant when nature is allowed to flourish as it should. Then we will get a tree with a full crown of leaves and fat fishes in the lotus pond.

Fat fishes in the lotus pond

So, the next thing I did was to put the two together. I imagined what it might be like to stand on the banks of a lotus pond and see fat fishes rising to the top every now and then to catch an insect. I imagine the warm rays of the sun on my skin as a fine breeze takes the heat off. I imagine what life must have been like when mother Earth could flourish without acres of trees mowed down perhaps to reincarnate as toilet paper. I mean, the Indian squat toilet with a cement tub of water and a plastic scoop was made that way for a very good reason. It was seriously biodegradable-friendly. I remember how I encountered these toilets throughout my trip north and south, east and west in India and was ever glad I had my yoga to ensure I could still squat. But what about fat aunties who have arthritic knees? How do they manage? Almost impossible, I would say.

Anyway, the outcome of putting the best of these two pins together was this where Surya is given centre stage and I still had enough space at the bottom to give the fishes sufficient details. As usual, I had great fun doing these sort of drawings and I hope you too will give it a try. Find a pin that inspires you and let your creative juice flow!

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Surya and the lotus pondSurya and the lotuses