Weekend shoulder bag

Started and finished this shoulder bag all in a weekend. Done in rounds after starting with 51 chains. With increasing stitches at either end of the bottom, the final count was 61 DC stitches going all the way up till it was 20 cm in height. Finished with a row of picots at the top edge and then stitched in a lining. Added a turquoise nylon strap that I had saved from an old bag and there’s my shoulder bag all done. I never thought I would like carrying a wooly bag but hey, I actually find myself rubbing its surface every so often. I would be patting it like as if it’s a soft toy. Very odd but the woolly texture is very, very comforting. I actually like how this bag feels under my hand as well as on my shoulders. The only thing is that I need to keep it under cover when I’m caught in a drizzle.