Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

This video is the last of the 7 major chakras as Dada speaks about the Sahasrara or Crown chakra. He has promised to follow up with a video on the kundalini and also another series called the 16 points of spiritual success. As with the other video on the Ajna chakra, it is not easy to talk about the Crown chakra without talking about the inner experiences and these can be too mystical for people to fully grasp. Nevertheless, we thank Dada for trying his best to share with us and we promise to keep up our meditation effort so that if we are fortunate we will attain the ultimate in this lifetime, and if not, the next.

Below is a transcript of the video. Right below is a Journal Activity to help you ponder on some of your experiences with this chakra. Or, your journey towards this chakra that contains our ultimate goal of self-realisation.


The Sahasrara is the most mysterious and beautiful chakra. Here our evolution reaches its zenith. When the mind reaches this centre, it merges into the ocean of peace and knowledge. Sahasrara means 1000-petalled. All the lower chakras are associated with 50 vrittis.

They can be manifested internally and externally so 50 x 2 =100. They can flow in all 10 cardinal directions – just like Feng Shui or Vastu – and direction can affect the mind because of the external energies of the environment. 100 x 10 directions = 1000.

This chakra symbolizes the total number of all multiple expressions of the mind. It is the king of the king. The pineal gland is associated with the Sahasrara chakra. It secretes melatonin in the chakra. This hormone controls the state of calmness and some have called it the elixir of youth. It is a very powerful anti-oxidant. It protects the cells.

Yogis have spoken of amrita – the elixir of immortality. In Sufi poetry, this is described as the wine that flows from the top of the head and it is called soma. Melatonin increases when the sun sets. When light enters our eyes, it will decrease the production of melatonin and our dynamic activity increases.

Yogis describe a special time from 12 p.m. to 3 a.m. I would like to meditate from 11 to 12:30 a.m. It was a beautiful time of meditation as if there was just me and the divine consciousness.

Melatonin also improves the immune system. It is an all-rounder, a fountain of youthfulness. I don’t know if it is melatonin or some other hormone but from my experience there is a secretion of some hormone which if it is maintained in meditation will activate the other chakras. First you will see the light in your heart, brilliant white with a little golden color. And you see it merging with the ocean of bliss.

So how do we take care of the pineal gland? In modern times, it becomes calcified and eventually gets absorbed by the body. First we need to maintain a strict routine. Burning our midnight candle disturbs the bio-rhythm. We must rest when we are supposed to sleep. Going to sleep early and waking early is important.

Hunger can also increase melatonin so fasting without food and water will boost secretion of melatonin. Fasting with water can improve physical wellbeing. Fasting without water can improve both physical and spiritual wellbeing. After fasting, you enter easily into a bliss of state.

Non-vegetarian food also depresses secretion of melatonin. Meditating by concentrating on the intense love of Supreme Consciousness helps to increase the opportunity for Samadhi. The practice of Dhyana. You become a little bit drunk described so well by Rumi the poet as a most serene state of spirituality, of immortal bliss. This is the work of the Sahasrara chakra.


Journal Activity: Have you had any peak experience during meditation when your mind was so calm and centred that nothing else seemed to exist? Or, that you were drawn into one-pointedness where you hear but don’t hear, you see but don’t see? Some of us have experienced this phenomenon while others have reported seeing the light coming down from the head to the heart. Whatever it is, for most of us, it sure takes a lot of hard work before we even experience any of these so like our spiritual teacher would often remind us, do the practice with utmost sincerity without any expectations of results. When it comes, it will come. We must learn to crawl then walk then run. You cannot hurry the spiritual growth that must unfold in its own time. Lastly, we encourage you look up on the secretion of DMT during intense states of meditation yet is quickly destroyed by a biologically built-in scavenger in our bodies. Also there is the Brahma hours 3:30 a.m. to dawn when the spiritual energies in the cosmos is most conducive to meditation. If you find yourself waking more and more often at 3:15 or 3:30 a.m. every morning then the universe is definitely calling you to get up to meditate.

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