Secrets of success 1 – power of determination

This is the first of a series that Dada Sada’nanda shares with us on the secret of success according to the yoga teachings passed down from the ultimate Adiyogi Shiva.

These teachings are ancient knowledge which were taught and applied since time immemorial but recently has become popularized as ‘manifestation’ and ‘abundance’. Like Dada says in the video, this is not new knowledge nor is it difficult. It’s been known for years and all adept yogis will come to this point where they can manipulate the world and become masters of it because they understand how the world really works.

We have added a transcript of the video below in case that helps. Then right at the end of this post is a Journal Activity. Enjoy!


Dialogue between Shiva and Parvati.

To be successful one must arrive at a firm determination to be successful in my mission. Mission is something human. At the sub-human state, we are in constant state in bargaining and what I get out of it. Projected results and upon it I choose. But is it harmonious with my conscience? Rewards or pain, only rewards is not enough. Seeking rewards is like training the dog mind.

Doing what is intuitively right and even if you suffer for it is the right choice. The guiding force is the first step towards that mission. You do because it is the right thing to do. Mercenary versus missionary. Whatever comes I will persist unlike the mercenary who will abandon once money is no longer there.

I must be determined to be successful in my mission. “You must measure 7 times and cut once.” Once you cut you cut. Do it decisively. “I must be successful in my mission.” They just push on and on. Their goal is fixed before them. There is no doubt about the goal.

Like a seed pushing through the crust of a tarred road. There is no doubt in that seed. It must be successful. Break the hard crust and come out. Once you arrive to that feeling, everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. When the bargaining is going on, it is the ego and engaging the lower levels of the mind.

I will do because it is right. Ego moves away. And the divinity is left. It is invincible. You can destroy everything else but my heart is in my soul and divinity. Cannot fail because failure is in the heart. Once you say to yourself you will fail, you fail. The mind is already defeated.

Don’t allow this mental defeat. I will be successful. There is absolute belief in that.

Like 2 armies, the bigger one encircles and cuts off retreat for the smaller army. The smaller army is greatly determined to fight and they win because in their mind their is no alternative. Fight and die a glorious death. They must win.

Like a wrestler with a broken arm during a fight but refused to give up despite his team telling him it is okay. He has done well. He chose to carry on and despite everything, he won.

That divinity, invincibility, self-respect. This is the powerful secret of success. The meaning of mission. not a simple task. Fail or succeed no matter. But it does matter to you. Failure is not a choice. Invest all you have in your mind, motivation, drive.

The tendency of the mind, located in the heart (the other mind) is the source of our truth. Truth is our determination. If I decide to do something i will stick to it and not give excuses for this or that. No. I stick to my truth. I must be as promised.

Some people have fear to promise anything or commit. They are always thinking, bargaining, if i don’t get what i want i will quit. Anytime i can quit. This is sub-human. You are not employing the humanity in your heart. Are you coming for the meditation retreat. I don’t know. I trust in the universe, we’ll see. What? Say I will come definitely.

others keep their word but when the time comes they face great difficulties so they give up. They are better and more successful.

Then there are those who feel so small in the face of huge difficulties and they decide to grow to be bigger than their difficulties and surmount them. They become a great person. Take commitments and overcome.The strength in the heart is more obvious especially in the small things e.g. taking a loan for my business and fear of business failing motivates me to do well.

You pass through many difficulties and failures. But in the heart there is no failure. You struggle and your conviction builds up each time you say i will not give up. You grow and learn how to be successful through your trials. You build character.

I have a friend who is a monk who likes to do for the mission in the glory of his guru and humanity. He goes and buys land and somehow money and support will be mobilised through his conviction and heart. People are touched by him and they see the leader – i will lead you to teh success. This is the quality of the spiritual leader. I will do it and I will be successful. People give when they see such conviction.

I must be successful in my mission. I will not give up.

Like when I first started meditation. I kept giving up and trying again. Then one day I ask myself, why am i like this. Then suddenly I decided to make a strong commitment to do it and do it well. Avoiding and accepting all in the mind waste a lot of energy. Once you plan how to do it you will succeed.

People who are committed in their meditation are established in their life – job, family, etc. Established people who join in meditation very quick they progress. They know how to succeed. they are mature.

There is a difference between determination and stubbornness. So it is very important to understand the difference. Is it giving up or changing course? How to choose the right course of action? This will be in the next video.

Spread the message and inspire everyone through your behaviour. And be successful.


Journal Activity: Every journey of 10,000 miles may begin with a single step but can you maintain the motivation to see you through to the end? This is the difference between success and failure to achieve what you first set out to do. Sure we may find that the goal may have to be tweaked or changed as we go along but the difference is in the why. And not because we can’t keep the focus. If you start off wishy washy, you will end up neither here nor there. Every spiritual teaching will teach you the same thing. To be successful in life is to be able to maintain laser-sharp focus on the goal. So how do you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 of motivation to keep going to the end? 1 means you give up even before trying because you have managed to talk yourself out of it for this r that reason. In which case, you might want to look at the other success principles. Is the rest of your life supporting you or creating obstacles for you? Our teacher often say people can become more successful in their life if they can sleep less, eat less and take the middle path of balance. How true! If your motivation and determination is strong, you will find that you are more than willing to change things in your routine so that you get up earlier, pep talk yourself more, and generally go out there to hustle to make things happen.