Secrets of success 2 – concentration on the goal

Our conscience is like our inner guru who prompts you to stay on the straight and narrow. Over time, this voice is all you want to hear.

We have added a transcript of the video below in case that helps. Then right at the end of this post is a Journal Activity. Enjoy!


The firm determination and strong resolution in your heart that I must be victorious and successful in my mission. If you have strong resolve you will be bound to be successful. Sometimes if you insist on doing something, you might lose the touch with yourself and your conscience. Sometimes I insist on continuing doing something even though I already know it’s not leading me anywhere. So there is a difference between strength of mind, determination and stubbornness.

Determination is great but stubbornness is foolish. Stubbornness must be given up. It is knowing deep inside that it is not correct but you go on because of face. It’s like gambling. You lose but you think you can make up later. Every Napoleon has his Waterloo. It is therefore very important for every yogi aspirant to listen deeply to what the conscience is saying.

This is the second principle. To be strong but flexible. Everyday searching for the proper way. Shraddha. Faith, reverence, sincerity but the real meaning is hard to capture. We must have to understand the truth in our actions. Is it in accordance with truth? Am I going against my inner principles? Is it moral? Am I in synchronicity with the Supreme in my desires? When determination shakes in me, I try to understand what the Supreme Consciousness wants from me. Like this beautiful place I am in. A yoga center that has touched many people who come here to practise. In retrospection, what we have done in our minds is more important than the buildings, etc. At the beginning I had so many doubts and so many people told me I am mad to want to build in 3 months.

When I sit in meditation, I would still my mind and bring it in touch with the Supreme’s I know it is the right thing to do. If you know it’s the beginning part of Shraddha, the second part is to channel all your energies into it. Shraddha also means that everything you do is part of the greater mission. Many people think I am doing it for money. Avoid punishment. No, I tell myself i am doing it for the greater mission which is to merge with the Infinite Supreme Consciousness. Just like when I wash dishes. I do it because of that. I understand I have to do it. This is Shraddha. To feel the mission. To bring everything in your life to feel that mission.

There is a sloka from the Gita. Making an offering of everything I do to the Brahma just like I make an offering of ghee onto the holy fire. This action brings me in touch with immortality. I offer this action. And every action should be considered as an offering to the Supreme. My breath, my action. To the Supreme the size doesn’t matter. A smote of dust or as large as an elephant. It doesn’t matter the size of the action but the feeling of connecting to the Supreme.

Like one time I was doing meditation and something happened and I went into a magical state. I saw a beautiful effulgent light emitting from my heart and everything merged into that light. I felt such immense love for that source of light. The source of my existence. Then of course I was crying and I was sitting there for a long time intoxicated with that experience. In front was a picture of my spiritual guru and I realise that the light and my guru was the same.

I felt such immense gratitude. He has given me more than everything and I wanted to give something back. I wanted to offer him flowers. So I took a bicycle but I was drunk from the experience. I got 5 beautiful roses and I offered at the feet of my guru, the feet of the Supreme entity. The moment I placed the flowers I felt they were accepted. That gave me great joy. That to me is the greatest action in my life because of the immense meaning in it.

So this is Shraddha. Veneration. Offering all thoughts, actions, words to the Supreme. The fire that is God accepting the offering. The Supreme through me is making the offering. Everything is the Supreme Consciousness. “My only purpose is to achieve Him.” Why am I striving to do all that I do? My only purpose is to come closer to the Supreme. I will do only that which will bring me closer. At the end of my action, I will merge. The beginning and the end. Alpha and Omega.

To understand the veracity of my action. To achieve purity and to elevate the mind. Even peeling potatoes, doing business, building the house. I understand what I am doing is right. I put my entire sincerity and heart into it. This principle gives you strength. Once truth and veracity is there, there is huge support from your consciousness. The great task will carry its own weight. You must understand that the inspiration comes from the Supreme and you are the instrument through which the great task will be accomplished.

Things will come together and you need only make the decision to say yes, you will be the conduit. I am going to do it sincerely with whatever I have. I may not have much but I will do it. Look at so many saints, they are not graduates but they did great way. They were not working for the ego but the Supreme. Follow the heart. This is Shraddha. The second factor of success. You do something not because you want it but rather it’s the Supreme choosing you as the instrument. You agree to it and you do it for the good of humanity.

For the next session, I will talk about the essential need for a good teacher. It’s difficult to achieve success unless you have a good teacher.


Journal Activity: Concentration on the goal is like the unwavering flame of the candle even in the strongest wind. How do you protect yourself from giving up on your goals? If you know the wind is strong you will put the candle into a glass or a glass bottle to prevent it from going out. Like Dada would say in another principle of success further on, do you protect yourself from others who are negative and try to wear you down? Especially when you start on the spiritual path and others around you want you to quit? Because they don’t want you to be different. How do you stay strong?

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