Secrets of success 4 – perfect balance

A mind that is without distortions, delusions and illusions is in perfect balance to experience the delight of the Supreme consciousness.

We have added a transcript of the video below in case that helps. Then right at the end of this post is a Journal Activity. Enjoy!


Balanced state of the mind. Bhava means wave of the mind. Samatha means to keep the mind free from unbalance and free from distortion. Every being somehow maintains a parallelism with nature. In nature everything is somehow in harmony. But as we grow, as we develop complexities, we can become complicated. We acquire certain distortion and we lose the touch with inner reality, with inner conscience and disconnect with the Higher Power and in that way we become handicapped.

If in your mind it is round but actually it is square and you act like it is round when it is square then you are going to fail. You have to have a proper touch with reality. For that the mind has to be distortion-free. There are 3 complexes that disturb our psychology and cause us to be unsuccessful. Inferiority complex, superiority complex and

Inferiority complex is the most harmful. We are convinced and believe we are inferior. I can’t do certain things and not good enough. This is a common problem with many people. When I see somebody with inferiority complex, he or she may be very intelligent but when the person has this complex, he or she is unable to express the full potential. How to overcome?

Yoga is an ancient but very advanced form of psychology that works on the physical, mental and spiritual level. One can use auto-suggestion and outer suggestion. Auto-suggestion you have to tell yourself you are a good person. When harmful thoughts come to your mind, you have to change it into the positive wave. Think something opposite. Slowly you will change. This is due to the hormonal glands. When you keep hearing some negative thing, you start to bend into the wave and you actually lose your intelligence.

So the glands and nerves of the human body get adjusted to the ideas and the ideas may come from inside or outside. But if you consider the idea even for just a moment, it will make changes in your glandular secretions, hormones and nervous system. You have to fight one idea with another idea. To overcome. Which will win? The one you repeat the most. You repeatedly create the wave in your mind and create the being suited to that complex. Auto suggestion. Keep telling yourself I am good. I am capable and can do everything.

Meditation is another important part of auto-suggestion. Either you repeat your own mantra inside yourself or Baba Nam Kevalam. I am consciousness, bliss and If you take the idea and repeat again and again, all distortions in your mind get evaporated. Meditation and singing of the mantra is a panacea for all complexes. Counteract negative idea with positive idea.

Outer suggestion. What people tell you from outside. As you think so you become. As you see also. What you perceive, how you perceive changes you. If you are in company of negative mind people who see only defects they will point out and criticize. Rather you have to get into supportive environment. Don’t hang around people who don’t believe in you. When you don’t believe in yourself, positive people will support you. Bring your attention to how capable you are. Slowly slowly distortion go away. Good company leads to liberation because you get good outer suggestion. Good company helps you quickly develop to the standard of the company.

Superiority complex. Someone feels not only unique but the best. There are many kinds. In the ancient scriptures. Three types. Inflated ego. Self-aggrandisement. Hankering after social prestige. Leave those three. Renounce those three and sing the praise of the Infinite entity. Someone feels he deserve VIP treatment because he believes he is better than others. Intoxication lose touch with reality. Expect irrational things. It is said that every Napoleon must meet with his Waterloo. He also believed he is a special person and soon he lost his reality and his power.

Nature will tell. People will tell. But don’t listen. I know. This is the expression of the ego. If you are a disciple it goes very much contradictory. It is said that “I don’t know” is the start of every good disciple. When you don’t know that’s when you are open to changes and learning of new things. This kind of drunkenness of the ego is resistance to learning and what others tell you but you don’t want to listen. The pride goes before the failure. If you feel that you are right, then the next come the failure. If you don’t have that there is no failure. Inflated ego is just like drinking the wine.

Self-aggrandisement. You go into a taxi and soon you get a story of self-aggrandisement. You want to praise yourself or create a situation where others praise them. He becomes vulnerable. Praise makes this person feel good. Criticise and he feels bad. But balanced people are not affected by either praise or criticism. You have an objective view about yourself. You know and don’t go into the sky or fall down because of what people say.

Self-aggrandisement is like the deepest hell and you become dependent on others to validate you. Some people with inferiority complex can shift easily into superiority complex. And the state of balance is only one. We have to stay there in the middle.

The third one is social prestige. I must have this car and I cannot sit in a lower class car. I can only mix with higher class people. So many artificial divisions. It is compared to the excrement of the pig. It is not noble and doesn’t make you pure. Leave the 3 and sing the glory of the Supreme. But people ask why should I sing the glory of someone else when it is better to sing my own glory. The mind needs to glorify somebody. Either you think about yourself or you keep your life around your ego.

You become so miserable even when you are famous. Because it is unnatural for us. Because our spiritual need is to revolve around the infinite being. To become infinite in our self. The solution is to sing the glory of the Supreme. The infinite. Entertain the idea of being infinite. Then slowly you expand and acquire new emotions and leave those things that you were attached to. When you discover something better you leave the things behind.

Be more patient than the grass. Be more tolerant than the tree. Internally you are loving and you want the other person to be happy. Give respect to those whom no one gives respect like the homeless people. Not just wanting to be with famous people for the social prestige. Here, once a week they cook some food and give to people in trouble. This changes their thinking about homeless people who are despised by society. They understand they are lucky. You don’t hate. You respect. It cures the feeling of social prestige. Overcoming inferiority complex is like that.

Auto suggestion and outer suggestion. Mix with good people who tell you take off your crown. Bring your mind to balance. In that way we maintain the balance. You come to proper awareness that you are not the best of the best, of the best. Remove from the throne and take off the crown. I am a simple man. That simplicity is worth more than the gold. In the state of balance you are far more happy. So don’t tell about your kundalini and chakras when it doesn’t make you happy. The one who actually achieve kundalini is the one who is most simple. I met a man who spoke with such clarity and simplicity. There was nothing said about kundalini.

Fear complex. I have already recorded a video about fear and the Manipura Chakra and the Anahata and Svadhisthana. It comes from a feeling of separation from the Supreme. It comes from not feeling like you can control your outcome. We have this illusion that the result is in your hands. But no. Only the action is in your hands. And if you do according to your conscience then the result is not in your hands but in the hands of the Supreme consciousness.

Everything will happen as it should be. The Supreme Consciousness is all there is. Everything is love. Everything is in the hands of love. If the Supreme governs the universe, guides the stars and guides you. It will always guide you. You will not be in trouble if you listen to it. You are under protection.

Fear is a very human condition. You become fearful as you think the world is such a terrible place to live. No, think instead that this world is governed by love. You create what you seek. Fear attracts those situations. Something bad will happen, the world is a terrible place and it happens. Everything is in the hands of the Supreme and will be right. Think it will be good. And slowly you will change your psychology.

I see everything and everyone with the same eyes. We may be different on the outside. Psychologically we may be different. But spiritually we are one. There is no you and me. When you elevate yourself to when you see yourself as unity and not diversity. You and me are just one. Spirituality aims for this. Therefore if you entertain the complexes, I am higher, you are lower, you are deliberately remove yourself from the spiritual aim. You are to look into the oneness. And feel the presence of the Supreme consciousness as you expand. When everything is same, we are one. The mind has no distortions and we have the vibration of the Supreme consciousness.

Inferiority complex is you don’t do anything. Superiority complex may be a bit better but it’s also no good. Fear stops you from doing. Balance is important. Spiritually, balance is maintaining that Bhava. Do kirtan and dance to maintain balance. In 15 minutes it changes your complexes and gives balance. Singing and ideating the Supreme. Always tell yourself the right thing. You will not only believe as you repeat and repeat. Connect with positive and supportive people. Once you become strong you can then do something to change the negative into positive. In this way remove the distortions of your mind.

When someone follows all the principles of success he or she becomes so successful that he is also spiritual.


Journal Activity: It can be very difficult to shake off any of the 3 complexes mentioned by Dada. Studies have shown that inferiority complex is one of the most insidious of psychological problems. Those who suffer from it will try to deal with their feelings in many ways usually by trying to control others through anger, criticism, or looks of disdain. Fear is another big one that keeps a lot of people stuck. Unable to move forward or backward, fear is an extremely human and common issue. However, once people understand how to work with the fear rather than against it that’s when they gain ground. And they learn to keep moving forward. We find that, like Dada said, cultivating a strong faith in the Divine and always believing that the Universe has your back is the best way to go.

Through meditation and through the yoga sadhana, we have found that nothing can be done without the Divine in our life. So in this journal activity, we only ask you to do one thing. How can you create in your life the conditions to lessen fear and the complexes and to build the power of the spiritual connection in you? Because that connection is the only thing that will walk with you through thick or thin. Through everything until the end of your days. Have you been meditating diligently? Have you been willing to clean up your inner life and draw strength from the yamas and niyamas? If no, then it’s time to start cleaning up somethings. Clear out what no longer serves you and adopt some new and more positive ways of living and thinking. As you think, so you become.

~ ॐ ~