Secrets of success 6, 7 – unknown power of the food

Food you eat is the stuff from which your body, your spiritual vehicle, is made of. For that reason, diet is of utmost importance because it has the power to shape your entire existence. 

We have added a transcript of the video below in case that helps. Then right at the end of this post is a Journal Activity. Enjoy!


We are almost done with the secrets of success. Even though these principles are on the surface common sense things they are secret. The world is in a state of suffering and we don’t have to. WE don’t have to. It is our choice. But because the principles are secret and hidden we are still suffering. We choose to stay in joy or suffering. Many people are of the opinion that they stay with what they have but we can change.

Many are not aware that this 6th principle can have great impact on our lives. This principle alone can initiate the change of changes to bring us to the highest success of life – spiritual success. What is this principle? Sixth is ‘balanced diet’. It means measured, balanced, not too much or too little. Enough nutrients to sustain the body. Food must be of a certain quality, vibration energy-wise. Very interesting.

Yoga believes this world to be of vibration. If you take an atom of hydrogen you will find nothing there. A huge emptiness and vibration. Many thousands of years ago, yogis have discovered the world is made of waves. One wave metamorphosed into another and another. Through this metamorphosis of diversity this world is created. Just like every thing comes from a single living cell.

One vibration transmutes and transmutes and we get a multitude and diverse world. What creates teh vibration? Force of energy. Force of nature. Consists of 3 modes of energy that exist in every thought, in everything. In those energies the bliss and suffering, success and failure is there. Everything is vibrational. If you understand this science you will understand what is success. Scientist can create because they understand. You can achieve success if you understand these 3 modes of energy.

The first is Sattva guna. The Sentient Principle. It gives intuition. The joy of existence. You might have experienced some time when you don’t do anything yet you feel the joy of existence. Nothing needs to happen. You don’t have to achieve anything. The perfect moment when your mind is under sentient principle. You feel constant joy.

The next is Rajas guna. It is the Dynamic Principle. It has to move. One place to another. One task to another. Ideal combination for success is to have maximum sentient and some dynamic principle. I feel happy, joyful and I am fired to do something. When you are only in sentient you sit in meditation and you activate others to do. Sentient and rajasic. So spiritual practise is to remove rajas and tamas and come to sattvic. And to remain under sentient principle as much as possible.

Dynamic causes you to move and gives desire. Desire creates suffering. There are subtle desires and crude desires which brings much suffering. It creates competition. To be number one. King of kings. Not number two. I want to do better and it disturbs the harmony and happiness.

Tamasic force creates static immobility. Motionless but there is no sleep. You can move the mountain with your potential but you are powerless to move. This is tamas. Static principle. Everything is difficult and a chore. Everything has become a heroic act for you even throwing out the garbage.

In the past, I know one man who had to plant, weed, cultivate and harvest potatoes. But he has to get drunk before he can do anything. In his mind it is so huge. The task is so difficult. It is such a tremendous act. On the other hand, under sentient principle you find it a joy to do willingly, laughingly. Sentient is also spiritual instinct to be better, to be in harmony with God, to feel the heartbeat of the universe. To be useful to serve the world and to merge with the infinite.

If you cultivate the desire to sleep and food. Procreate. This is primitive existence. What you cultivate you get. When you change your diet and this is one way of cultivating your different energies. When you change your diet it can awaken love and remove suffering. It create the desire to be free from suffering. Other diets will cause sleep of the soul without goal or motivation. I am sleeping and moving like a walking dead. Diet has a great impact on the body and mind.

Everything is under these 3 principles or guna with one being more dominant. So you have to choose which food to take. You can see the body as a British Parliament. The mind is the Queen. The minds of the organs is like the House of Lords. All organs have its own mind. Like when a heart is transplanted the recipient is changed by the energies of the new heart. The House of Commons is like the cells of our body. The cells renew every 21 days. The mind of the cells depend on the food the cell receives. What we ingest is the building material for the cell.

If you take the crude vibration then the crude cell will be born in your body generating crude instincts. Your body is not supporting your high desires when you have eaten beef. Wise people do not take food indiscriminately. They eat in accordance with the goals they have in life. If you want to leave a mark on this planet then you have to take another source of food.

Three categories of food. Sentient are grains, vegetables, legumes, dairy product. Then rajasic food to cause consciousness to change from one state to another. You will go from hell to heaven and to and fro. A person who is rajasic in nature he will move from those two states. Coffee, tea, chocolate, carbonated drinks. The wise people want to remain in heaven but they feel the drive to go to hell. No, no, no. They change the diet and the desire to go to hell is no more there. It is not as harmful as static energy like fish, meat, eggs, onion, garlic and mushrooms

What’s wrong with garlic, so many vitamins are there? You need to try for yourself for at least 21 days to 3 months. You will feel different as you develop a new state of consciousness. Then eat a little garlic and you will become intellectually and emotionally dull. You won’t like it because you don’t like this miserable existence. Intoxicants like tobacco and drugs.

What is the yogi to do? We should try to avoid tamasic food like it is poison. It is poison to our soul. It is strictly prohibited for sannyasins. But householders have found these rules to benefit. Once you have tasted the benefits you would like the rules. You know the regulation of what you eat brings benefits.

There is much to talk about diet. How you prepare is also important. There is a course which we are developing. Subscribe and you will get it. It is a useful science. How to balance taste to cultivate harmony of the mind. Success and diet is important. If you are in a crude state of mind, everything comes with a struggle. Even when it comes, you can’t enjoy it because internally you are unhappy. Change your diet and find out for yourself. Success and diet are linked. When you are in a pure state of mind, everything comes easy.

So, Shiva has said success depends on:

  1. firm determination to succeed in your mission
  2. know what is right or wrong for your mission
  3. reverence for the teacher
  4. to be balanced and free the mind
  5. to have control of the sensory organs
  6. to have proper diet

and then Shiva drew a line, saying, “There is no seventh principle.” If you follow the six principles there is no chance to fail. You will succeed. It is nothing new. Common sense. Practise them one by one in your mundane and spiritual life.


Journal Activity: Every bit of sacrifice we make on our spiritual path is tapah. It increases the fire of your spiritual endeavour. Our teacher often tells us that this is one sure way to It help burn off negative karma that stands in the way of your spiritual growth. It’s easier if you think of it this way. Every single bit of sacrifice you make is done for the Divine. Sacrificing is one way to remove the obstacles to the ultimate union you seek. Before you can merge you must be found ready. You can’t do that without doing some serious work.

It’s like you wouldn’t pour new oil or wine into a dirty old container, right? You don’t want to contaminate the new. You want to preserve the new with its pristine and pure nature. It’s the same with our bodies through our diet. Don’t think that a sattvic diet has to be bland. It can be quite delicious and certainly very balanced. Once we were in New Delhi where we did a short homestay with a yoga teacher and his family. We ate only sattvic food and it was heavenly. Even though all the dishes revolved around the same vegetables day in, day out. And if we can learn to cook sattvic food so can you. Start today and feel the difference for yourself. It will change your life.

~ ॐ ~