Seven core mind skills we ought to cultivate

There are 7 core mind-skills that one can apply to any problem one is facing so as to gain insight and clarity, and then empowered with this new knowledge and understanding, chart a direction for more skilful living, through modifying one’s patterns of thinking, behaviour, and communication.


1. Be aware: of feelings, physical sensations and thoughts…the inner and outer flow of experiencing so that we respond more effectively to our triggers rather than react

2. Check for unspoken rules: of the ‘rules’ we impose on ourselves, limiting us…’I should’ ‘I must’

3. Evaluate your perceptions: too negative? too positive? is it fact or inference? compassionate or critical? how we perceive things determines our inner state; true?

4. Tune-in to your self-talk: to make a conscious choice for positive and enhancing rather than defeating self-talk.. in Jone’s words, to “stay calm and cool, establish goals, coach ourselves in what to do, and affirm the strengths, skills and support factors that we possess”

5. Use visual images: to help us to respond calmly, to competently attain our goals, and to resist bad habits; visualisation is a powerful tool that can bring about real and significant change

6. Check for rationalisations/explanations: that neither internalize responsibility = ‘my fault’ nor externalize blame = ‘your fault’, but seeing things for what they really are

7. Assess your expectations: so as to be able to weigh risks vs benefits of our actions and our communication, in a sense, to avoid being let down and to avoid letting someone else down

The original form of this model is framed like a checklist and it is from Cognitive Humanistic Therapy by Nelson Jones.







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