Shiva’s secrets of success is Tantra Yoga

In our own journey on the path of Raja Yoga, and we were quite happy toddling along with our yoga sadhana, there came a point when we came face-to-face with the teachings of Tantra. Just like that, an important teaching was bestowed on us and all the missing pieces of the puzzle began falling into place.

Not only did these teachings helped to improve on our Raja Yoga practices but they also shaped the way we do our work as helping professionals. How is that so? Well, Tantra taught us how the world really, really works. And so, in our work with our clients, we too teach them how to navigate this amazing world. Not only that. We must also know how our inner world works and Tantra Yoga provides the most superb science and technology ever.

More than anything else, Tantra teaches us the secret to success in life. And it starts by working on oneself. It’s the willingness to do the inner work that counts. As you change, your world will change. And again this is how we help our clients. The therapy, counselling and inner work we coach our clients are drawn from the science, technology and philosophy of yoga. What’s more, yoga is all about connecting with the divinity in you. Yoga has offered us so much more than what a graduate degree can give. Yes, no postgraduate degree can give you this kind of knowledge with which to help others.

The healing process starts once you understand what’s happening on a deeper level in the subconscious psyche where the real power is. It runs your show 96 percent of the time without you being aware. We teach our clients about life on this level, the chakra level, and how these energy centers play a very important role in determining our existence on the energetic level, the source of dis-ease or ease. The source for the patterns of our behaviour are all found here at the chakras. Thought forms, intentions, cause and effect, the whole and sum of who and what you are.

Most of the time our clients often come in with one question: why am I unhappy? We dig deeper into the ecology of the client, personality, everything. And we often find one thing that works 100 percent. The world can remain unchanged when it is beyond one’s power to change but the client’s inner world becomes clearer, brighter and happier simply because of a change of mindset. That’s how powerful the mind is. And Tantra will teach us how to use this very mind power we are all born with.

There are many Tantric texts on the subject of Tantra Yoga and they all have one goal. How to bring happiness and joy into one’s worldly life while we live out our present incarnation. How to aspire to the highest on the spiritual level with the awakening of the kundalini as one of the greatest goals again during our present incarnation. It will take much, much work, lots of pain and heartbreaking sadhana. If you are ready then Tantra yoga is for you. The chakras are the centers of transformation and the heart of the Tantra system. They are truly the map for the ultimate journey one can ever take. The only way out is the way in.

Note: Tantra is described as having two paths: the right and left. We follow the right path of Tantra Yoga which is spiritual alchemy. There is no esoteric sex or occult on this right path. Just plain ol’ transformation and metamorphosis resulting, hopefully in this lifetime, of a gentle awakening of the kundalini. There are a couple of safeguards built into this system. One, grace is absolutely necessary. Two, the teacher will appear when the student is ready.

~ ॐ ~