What is the spiritual significance of work

Why do we work? So that we can eat, buy necessities and afford luxuries. However, that’s only part of the whole answer. Master Sheng Yen tells us why. Work has its spiritual purpose.

Why work

For the longest time, I sought to find the meaning behind why we strive from 9 to 5, tolerate a whole lot of stuff at work, and often lose sleep because work issues continue to spin in my mind even though my head has warmed the pillow eons back. Here’s a good read that helps us to live more from a wise heart. That way, we lessen our sufferings and are more inclined to stick with work and better still, take a helicopter view of the things that bother us at the workplace.

Work is sadhana

Over the years, I have come to understand that work is truly a sadhana. When all you have in the whole world is five bucks to last till the next pay day, then you will learn to stick with it. And in doing so, you learn the lessons you have been avoiding. But why wait till you are down to your last buck? So now we know. Work provides a way for us to cultivate ourselves because it is only in relationship with others that we learn our toughest lessons which we need to fulfil according to the law of karma. It’s all part of our soul’s journey home. And it has to be gotten through. No escaping. No avoiding.


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