Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra

This video is the second in a series of the 7 major chakras, the Svadhisthana Chakra or Sacral Chakra, and follows on from the Muladhara Chakra. It maintains the same high quality in its explanation with practical tips and suggestions on how to improve one self based on what the chakra is indicating to us through the 6 emotions or vrittis (aka mental churnings) represented by the 6 petals of the chakra. Dada will give you a thorough explanation on what these are.

The following is a short transcript from the video. Right below is our contribution of a Journal Activity with questions to help increase understanding of 2nd chakra issues.


This chakra has to do with pleasure seeking tendencies. Those with strong 2nd chakra can enjoy the pleasures of life but are also able to voluntarily withdraw from them. People would also know how to flow round others like water flows round obstacles, never forcing others but accepting of others. Tactful and aesthetically observant, pleasant and glowing.

For a weak chakra, there will be addictions and dependencies on pleasures – gaming, gambling, sex, sugar, drugs, alcohol and cigarette. This person will be intent on gaining pleasure at the expense of others. This is very much the reptilian and selfish psychology of the Svadhisthana Chakra. Like a cold-blooded reptile who lies in wait for its prey.

One vritti is disdain and averse pleasure at putting others down to feel good about themselves. Another is inferiority complex and distrust of others setting off paranoia and a control freak tendency. There is no trust in self or others nor can he let things just happen. This person lives in the capsule of his own limited perception of the world. Suspicious and distrusting.

Another is mental stupor. The mind is hazy and foggy, unable to come up with ideas or decisions. You sever the connection between yourself and the external world which is placing demands on you to change. So you stop the communication and you live in your own bubble. This is denial.

This is a very dinosaur way to survive. Like a small dinosaur always trying to flee from the bigger one and finally becomes frozen with fear. This is akin to letting dogma stifle you and immobilize you. The scriptures or system said this and that and so it must so.

Other manifestations include indifference to the suffering of others. And crude behavior.

How to improve? Observe unnecessary excitement of the sexual system. Practice moderation in everything that brings pleasure like eating sweets, etc. Another way is to keep the sexual energies calm by washing the genitals after bowel and urination with cold water. This avoids stimulation of the sexual glands. Males can wear certain underwear that prevents unnecessary friction and movement of the genitals resulting in a clear and sober mind.

Intestines should be clean all the time and so complete and daily bowel movement is important. Water is the element of this chakra and so one must drink enough water to purify the body and cells. Avoid meat, alcohol, eggs, fish, garlic, and onions that stimulate the lower chakras. Garlic is an especially strong stimulant that prevents the mind from being clear, sharp and discerning. The mind becomes erratic and numbed.

Gomukhasana is a powerful asana. Locust posture. Yoga nidra done only in the mornings. Breathe while focusing on the coccyx taking in and releasing energy to the area. This is known as water breathing.


Journal Activity: This chakra is all about finding one’s place in the scheme of things. Its name Svadhisthana means ‘one’s own place’. Self-identity, sense of self, self-esteem are some of the pertinent issues here. Our self-awareness grows as we try to find ourselves through the interactions we have with others. The ‘games we play’ is the name of a great book on Transactional Analysis but it is also true of many of our interactions with each other. Question is how do we relate with others without too many of these games? Is it possible to do away with games altogether and be our best authentic self at all times? Will we survive by being the nice guy or gal or is that just a way to gain approval because we have issues that go way back to our parents and the way they tried to control us through disapproval? This is a good place to ask ourselves all about the conditions of worth that were imposed on us while we were too young to resist. And how we can let these go especially those that no longer serve as we grow into our own selves.