Intuitive guidance with the Tarot and counselling

A Tarot reading is likened to a key, using imagery and symbols, to unlock the door to greater self-knowledge. When combined with counselling, a reading helps to bring great clarity to any situation at any moment, thus making it one of the best tools I know to help you find your way in life. Many layers are peeled back as we traverse back and forth along your timeline to understand the why, what, where, when, which, and how of your life thus far.

The Tarot – a key that unlocks many doors

Ultimately, a Tarot reading shows the way to accessing higher wisdom and the innate magic in you to create any change you want. If not the Tarot, it could have been hypnosis, psychotherapy, counselling, and meditation. All these are keys we use to access the veiled to help us access important information which we need in order to draw up an action plan to go after what we really want.

Unlocking the doors to your inner alchemist

Knowing is one thing. Doing is another. A Tarot reading with me isn’t complete or holistic if I didn’t show you how to tap into the power of the inner alchemist in you to have anything you want by using the 6Cs. I will guide you to use all that you have in your power to bring about the change through the choices you make out of the chances presented to you. You will leave the session with more courage than when you started, committed and confident to take the next step.

6Cs = Chances + Choices + Changes + Courage + Commitment + Confidence

All esoteric teachings that have come down to us tell of the same thing. There is something larger than ourselves that governs our lives which many of us can access if we knew how to use the tools available to us. The symbols and imagery in all these tools help unlock the doors to a deep knowledge of what’s happening beneath. It’s about being able to get a sense of what’s really driving our life down below. This is the real reason why we consult the Tarot or I Ching, Numerology, Vastu, Runes, and Chinese Geomancy.

My role is to help you find the key

My role as your guide, Tarot reader and counsellor, is to hold up the lantern to shed light on your present situation. It is a situation that was brought to fruition through the energies of life and these same energies will continue to impact you unless you do something about them. These are also the same energies that will pull the appropriate cards onto the table to help bring clarity into whatever life presents you at any moment. The right cards always show up.

The symbols and metaphors on the cards provide a language to tell the story of what is truly happening albeit on an unconscious level. It is your life lived at a deeper level which you want to access. It is your hidden story you are after. The real beauty lies in the fact that the cards do not hold a formulaic answer. The same card means different things to different folks because it is always read in context to your story. You will know what a card is saying to you and your hidden story will emerge.

As your guide, I can help hold up the lantern of clarity to light your way forward. We will explore all that is revealed in your hidden story and look for the unfulfilled potential and unidentified opportunities that lead to greater success and happiness. Here is where you can find out more: My mission – to shine the light for you .

~ ॐ ~