The first key

The first key is in the perception. How you perceive is how it will be. This will be your first spiritual test. It will open the doors to the other portals.

Mind & heart, xin.

Understanding how the mind and heart work is the first key on the journey of spiritual awakening. This is the first door you need to open. This is what you must realise for yourself as it is the first spiritual test. The first key is all about how we use the mind and the heart in everything we think, say and do. As awareness deepens, you will come to understand how you truly create your reality from moment to moment, all based on your perception of who you are, what your world is and how your heart shapes the way you respond. This is where it will be either pain or bliss caused to self and others. So the first key is really about what we carry in the heart and mind. This is the very fundamental of your spiritual journey.

The next step on your path is therefore to train both your mind and heart so that you discover for yourself what constitutes as truth, what is real and unreal. What is the truth of you. Have you seen how the mind and heart can conjure up all sorts of stuff and have you believe they are real? And what does it mean when there is nothing intrinsically real in anything we think, feel, cling to, or form an opinion about? This is the beauty of it all.

Nothing you think or perceive is real or has any intrinsic meaning. This chair. This laptop. This me. Unless you give it meaning. Which is why, if everything is based on pure perception then nothing is something till we perceive so. And since perception is ephemeral, it can change anytime and the world changes yet again. So how can something that is ephemeral be real? Truth therefore will require you to develop a new way of seeing so you will need to transcend the ordinary mind and heart.

Similarly with Who am I. How real am I? Which part of me is the real me? You look at your life and how it has panned out. Which part of it is real? All that has passed? All that is now? Or, yet to come? All these questions are essential for they will start the search. And what exactly are we searching for? What is this key that will unlock that closed door that leads to the answer: What is the meaning of it all?

For many, this question never arises and even if it did, it did not merit much attention because life is good enough as it is. A job, family, etc., etc. and folks are happy with their lot. For some, the answer has to be found not because their lot is any the worse but something deep inside has awoken.

There have been many great adepts at alchemy who have left us clues as to how to transform the way we perceive things. All of them will say the same thing. Everything that is is because of our mind and heart. The way we perceive influences the way we think and this affects the way we feel and then finally the way we act and speak.

Why should this be the first spiritual test that holds the key to the first portal in your journey? The answer can be found in all the teachings of all the great spiritual teachers. Love. It is indeed the key. Are you truly capable of love? Unconditional love? If not, then look to the way you perceive things, situations, and others in your daily life. Look at the patterns of thinking that cause a lot of angst and do not serve you so well. Do you think it’s time to transform and change who you are so that finally you might come to the answer to the question of Who Am I? If yes, then you are ready for the journey.

~ ॐ ~