The heart lotus – Chandogya Upanishad 8.1.1-2

“Within the city of Brahman, which is the body, there is the heart, and within the heart there is a little cave. Within this cave is a lotus bud, and within it dwells that which is to be sought after, inquired about, and realized. What then is that which, dwelling within this little cave, in this lotus of the heart, is to be sought after, inquired about, and realized?” (Chandogya Upanishad 8:1:1-2).

What we seek is the blossoming of the Heart Lotus or Hrit Pundarik which resides in the etheric heart, the Ananda Kanda or Space of Bliss. The etheric heart lotus is located within the Anahata or Heart Chakra and is active only during the dream state, influencing our waking state with its 8 vrittis. It is situated two finger widths to the right of the physical heart. When the bud finally opens, that’s the point at which we attain full realisation of our true Self. We will realise that we are of the same essence of God, a God that does not belong to any particular religion or belief but the one Divine Source, the Ocean of Bliss. This is our true nature and it is Love.

Wisdom and compassion

Love. We believe this to be our biggest challenge on the inner journey. Not unless we succeed in transforming our egocentric nature, not unless we can transcend our own suffering and see beyond what is on the surface to become wise and compassionate. If you think about it, that’s really quite true because as long as we are not enlightened, we remain egocentric, and as long as we operate from the ego, we remain incapable of understanding that we are all one. Until that happens, we are certainly incapable of true wisdom and compassion. Which is why we include the spiritual in our lives to help us get there.

The awakening

And that’s what the awakening journey is all about. It is the basis of our quest. Our ardent desire to merge with this source who dwells in the lotus of the heart. It drives us to awaken and to make our way home. Meanwhile, we still have to participate in the leela of life, we still have to live out our life span in this world, each a lotus in this pond we call our lives, where deep down in the mud, in the network of tubers and roots, we are all connected in the same source of nutrients.

It starts with us

We are truly one in our happiness, struggles and quest. If that’s the case then let’s take that first step today and be the change that we hope to see in the world. Want more kindness? Love? Wisdom? Compassion? The work begins here, right where you find yourself, not some mountain cave or monastery, and it starts with our mind and heart. Search you may on the outside and yes, you have to honour the search but, at the end, what you want to find is right inside your mind and heart.

These two must first be transformed before all else. This journey or quest is as much an outer as well as an inner one. You will find yourself having to let go of what’s not working for you anymore and then how you live your life on the outside will tell you how much more work there is to be done on the inside. The Buddha taught it and so did the yogis and Christ. Their teachings will help you find your way to the heart lotus that can be found in the cave of your heart.

The only way out is in.

The Soul Path

Like the lotus in the pond, our nature is to seek the Light while being fully aware we have to live and thrive in the mud. In the world yet not of this world, we owe it to ourselves to thrive as we seek to awaken.