The Secret of Secrets by OSHO

It’s all here. The Secret of Secrets is about the truth that we seek on our spiritual path. The what, how, why and more are all here. No more, no less. This is everything you need to know about the journey to self-realisation presented in Osho’s unique style.

The Secret of Secrets

Many eons back, I picked up two copies of the Taoist Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Wilhelm and then Cleary. I was very much drawn to the esoteric drawings within. The book itself is a tiny treatise but it was so far out on a limb that I couldn’t make much sense of it. I wasn’t ready to run when I hadn’t crawled or walked. But I was terribly absorbed by the poetry of the translated text. Somewhere on a deep level I told myself that this book mattered. It’s saying something familiar but right then it’s hazy and not within my reach.

Now, thanks to OSHO, and having come thus far on my own journey, I can appreciate it a tad better. This is his take on that small little book that is all about the kundalini and its path up to the 1000-petalled lotus. It is a description of the journey mirrored without and within. This is such an amazing book that I feel every yogi should read it at least once in their life. It may be about the Tao but it is very much yoga as well. There is really no difference between the them. The Taoist Secret of the Golden Flower and Osho’s The Secret of Secrets as well as teaching in the Western Qabala, are all about the same thing – Tantra. Therein lies the secret to enlightenment.

If you were to dig deeper into the 121 teachings of the way to self-realisation said to have been passed down directly from Shiva, you would be further blown away. Osho has written explicitly on those methods as well. And then suddenly you realised the Buddha knew more than he let on about enlightenment. There is much much more.