Two frogs in a pail of milk

We share with you a story we found in a little book on success written by Paramahansa Yogananda. It is an age-old fable that continues to hold relevance.

Once upon a time there were two frogs who found themselves in a deep bucket of milk. Try as they might they couldn’t get out. Their feet could not touch the bottom and the  sides were too slippery. They kicked and kicked to stay afloat but soon one of them gave up, saying it was futile and they will never get out and he sank to the bottom.

The other refused to give up and continued to kick and kick. Then all of a sudden he felt a mound under his feet. His constant kicking had churned the milk and butter was beginning to form. And because now he had something to provide traction, he took one mighty leap and out of the bucket he flew.

Moral of the story: Like Yogananda-ji said in his little book,

1) We mustn’t give up no matter what if you have a goal worth pursuing. Success is being able to hold your focus and motivation despite setbacks, difficulties and challenges. This applies to both your spiritual and material life.

2) If you have God as your foundation, then you will be able to ride through it all with grace and fortitude. Why? Because then you understand and accept that everything that happens is for a reason. It could be karmic debts ripening or it could be a form of tapas. Either way, it’s there for a reason and your job is to hold the faith and be creative in your solutions to the problem.

3) Viveka, the power of discrimination, is super important. You wouldn’t follow blindly like the frogs did and that’s why they ended up in the pail. Look before you leap. Viveka is developed only through a consistent practice of meditation and mindfulness. So do make time to sit every day.

4) The Supreme Divine always has your back no matter what but it is your job to keep those legs going.