Vigyan Bhairav – a famous Tantric text

Osho may have left his body but his teachings continue to impact us.

The Secret of Secrets

Once on our sojourn through India, we met someone who brought us to visit one of Osho’s smaller ashrams in Haridwar where we had made a stop to visit RamDass’ ashram. We didn’t get to meet the great teacher himself but once back home, we looked up his books and there is one that you just can’t miss. It’s epic. It’s huge and it’s the Book of Secrets aka Secret of Secrets.

Here in this post, we’d like to share with you the source of Osho’s epic tome which is another epic tome in its own right. It’s ancient, accredited to Adiyogi Shiva and it contains all that one needs to know in terms of the methodology of enlightenment. Not just an awakening of the kundalini but one step further, the ultimate enlightenment experience that says we don’t have to come back again for another incarnation. Can we achieve it? The right and proper question is: can we fathom what is in this epic tome?

Vigyan Bhairav

The Vigyan Bhairav is written as a dialogue between Shiva the teacher and Parvati as a pupil learning at the feet of her guru and spouse. Though an awesome divinity in her own right, this style fits the culture of the Indian guru-pupil relationship. If you’ve ever stayed at an ashram and met with your teacher as a small group you’d know what I mean. Very strict. Very no-nonsense. Well, anyway, this amazing Tantric text, the Vigyan Bhairav, was said to be written in this style to help the layman understand what is a most intricate subject. If you get it, you’ll get it. If you don’t, you are supposed to go ponder some more and then try again.

And so we include the first of 80 discourses as a taster and hope it will inspire you to learn the rest. Take your time is our best advice because you can’t rush it. The contents have their own energies and will reveal their secrets when the conditions are right. So that’s why we feel it’s okay to point your way to them after holding back for so long. We had to be sure it was the right thing to do so. We know now that the Universe has its own way of protecting you with many safeguards along the way. What you need to know you will know.

So, here is the link to an audio of Osho teaching the first discourse. Listen to it and receive his grace. You can also read more about it as there are plenty of pdfs of the VB on the web. Or, you can try reading Osho’s book. If you prefer a video then here’s one that is essentially about the first discourse. How to meditate on the breath. Sri M explains it in a way that’s practical and easy to understand without any fluff. How to meditate on the breath and the use of the mantra, HamSa, is actually one of the tools of Tantra Yoga.
In addition, at the 6th chakra, a mantra we often use – SoHam (That I am) – transforms to HamSa, sanskrit for ‘swan’ or ‘I am That’. It is a most powerful mantra and it is here, at this chakra, that one attains a great treasure, the potential to become a paramahansa, an extraordinary being capable of ‘flying’ to ‘places unknown and unreachable to ordinary people’. In another video, Sri M explains that either SoHam or HamSa is okay but why not aim for the ultimate and go with HamSa?