Who am I?

The answer to the eternal question begins in the here and now. But first, you must be willing to awaken to who you are and why you are here. This is your divine search and to possess the answer is to be a master of your destiny.

Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to be? What is the meaning of my life? How do I find my purpose? How did I get to this? Why do I feel so lost and unhappy? What am I to do? Is this all there is to my life? These are questions we often encounter in our day jobs as full-time helping professionals helping folks find the direction and clarity they seek. We have also seen how these questions always marked the beginning of a challenging but oh! what an awesome journey of awakening to one’s true self. Imagine, emerging from the chrysalis like a butterfly with the most glorious pair of wings you can imagine and they are yours! You are right to ask so let’s try to understand what’s this true self we want versus the not-so-true self.

In search of your true Self

Well, one way of putting it is the true self is you without any more of the emotional baggages you’ve been lugging around. Think of someone who has grown gnarled (even though young) and bent over with a huge sack of emotional, psychological, psychical and physical issues which you lug on your back all through life. Some of this stuff others like parents, teachers, spouse or siblings have contributed to. It’s not your fault they did it and neither was it theirs. Like it or not, we all have our own individual and group life plans so instead of blaming and staying in victim mode why not take the journey to find out how you can take all that grey lead and transcend and transmute it to bright, shiny gold? Yeah, you the kick-ass alchemist.

We must forewarn you though. It can get quite tough trying to let go of that stuff you no longer need but tragically has become like the most precious thing to you. Yup, you just want to hang on to it. You might not even want to venture a peek inside that you hold so dear. And you’re right, it’s your choice. But our guess is that you are ready for that mighty change if you are here reading this. Your true self. Healed and whole, with no more holes in your psyche, your true light shines forth. Imagine how amazingly free that self must be! A self that is just pure potential who finally hears what its heart has always known – how to be truly fulfilled and happy. That’s your true self.

Stuff happens for a reason – it’s what drives us to search

Our belief is that everyone of us is meant to take to this same quest at some point in their lives often triggered by a crisis of sorts or what one author described as a divine storm meant to shake us up and get us back on track. We cannot offer counsel unless we have walked the same journey. What we do comes from deep within our hearts because we care enough to help folks walk a little lighter. We have been there so we know. Some of us almost didn’t make it back. We are not kidding. We have known some really dark days. Rejection, abandonment, sexual molestation, emotional abuse, physical beatings on a daily basis, we have been there.

When we were kids, we used to wonder why we were given such awful life plans. Talk about dysfunctional parents and relatives! After so many years working with folks who had just about the same dysfunctional parents or worse, our realisation is this: Everyone of us is here to awaken. This is the intention written into our soul’s sacred life plan when we incarnated. The challenges are there for a good reason. That’s why we are given stuff to deal with. We consented to the lessons that will help us evolve ever higher in our consciousness. Why? Because it all adds up. Your consciousness will add up to lift humanity so that one day, all wars will stop and we stop hurting one another as we grow in wisdom and compassion.

You are here to awaken and be awesome

So, let’s talk a bit more about your awakening. If you know who you are and why you behave, think or feel the way you do, you can then learn to build on your existing strengths as well as recover and reclaim those parts that you had buried perhaps for fear of disapproval or to cope with all the crazy stuff happening around you when you were a kid. Once you throw light on these hidden-away parts because of the pain and shame, you will discover there is a better way of handling stuff you feel so that you reach an aha moment that goes like this,hey, I really don’t need this. I can actually let it go and be who I need to be – self, work, family, relationships, etc, etc‘.

Yup, that’s what we call your awakening. So awaken you must because why? Remember, you have this one life so the onus is on you to make it count. Okay, only if that’s what you want. The choice is always yours. You can choose to stay the way you are and that’s okay. But then again why not give it a try. You know what they say, right? It’s a mighty precious thing being born a human being and even mightier if you realised that you are a divine spirit having a human experience. Your soul purpose is to awaken and evolve ever higher before you return to the inter-life. And your next life will be another step up. If not, you will have to return again to learn what you didn’t or refused to learn. Imagine going through all that!

The Master Key

The important thing is this: Self-knowledge is the Master Key. Once you know why, the journey changes into a sacred and holy walk with grace. Your life story is no longer about pain and suffering but coming into your own power. You incarnated into this lifetime to continue your journey towards self-realisation, to find your way back ‘home’. Scriptures say that it’s gotten pretty hard for most folks to get to self-realisation in this age of Kali Yuga. If you were to dig deeper into it, this is the darkest era of the world’s evolution, mostly conflict and strife. The spiritual will take a backseat. If you do hear the call, your job then is to keep on the straight and narrow. Your present birth as a human being is truly precious because the search is not possible unless you incarnate in a physical body. If you are hear reading this, then do your utmost in this lifetime because there is no guarantee you’ll come back again in a human form in your next life. You can read more about this in the teachings of Vedanta.