Going beyond – taking the Yogi Path

Many of us start our yoga journey with the desire to lose weight or keep fit. Over time, some of us will discover there is more to yoga than just that. This is the beginning of going beyond, of wanting to take to the Yogi Path. They realise that yoga is actually a way of living life with deep spiritual meaning and humanitarian purpose. More so, it leads us into our core where the Divine awaits and after that, life will literally never be the same again.

sadhu in cave

Most of us begin our intent to live life with deeper meaning and purpose by using the 3Qs. This search is felt most as a call for something more but in reality it is a call to ‘return’ to the Divine, to be one with the Divine except that we don’t quite know what that means and where we can get seriously lost as we try to navigate our way through a noisy and distracting world to get to where it matters. Who is the Divine? and Why do I feel this pull? are questions that command your attention.

Once you awaken to the call within and you are truly on the Soul Path, at some point you will find that you have become less and less of the world yet you can’t take off to some cave in a mountain somewhere but have to remain here because of your responsibilities and obligations. What do you do then with this inner struggle? This is where the Yogi Path begins. This is the path you take as someone who has adopted a yoga sadhana and intends to stick to it. Your intention is to live like a yogi but a yogi that is very much in the world but not of it.

The Yogi Path

The Yogi Path as I will describe it in more detail below gives you the roadmap so that you are able to know how to live out the maxim: to be in this world but not of it. You will find more peace as you learn how to strike a balance – staying true to yourself and the ultimate goal of self-realisation, and yet doing what you can to help make it better for your fellow beings. You make yourself available to shine the light where light is needed and it can be a simple thing you do for someone and not necessarily done with a big bang. Work, family, and relationships continue as before but this time we approach things differently.

Yoga sadhana is the ultimate transformation

Like my teacher would say: your life will never become the same again once you commit to the Yogi Path. The metamorphosis will see to it. We know we have become different and this can bring significant discomfort. We are here but yet we have this deep yearning to be somewhere else more serene, less demanding, and more understanding. We don’t understand why the world can’t be a kinder place until one day, we realise that we can be that change that we want the world to be. If we wanted to be in a better place, then it has to start with us.

Now the journey takes us to yet another deeper place. We want to be able to see things from a wider perspective so that we can become wiser with each experience. And the experiences will come to teach us so. We want to feel more for others so that we can learn to cultivate a compassionate heart and again the teaching moments will present themselves. Now we truly understand why our yoga sadhana is said to be a process of the most profound alchemy. With each day that passes, we become more of the butterfly that we are meant to be. And just like the butterfly, when we emerge we know our time here is limited and we need to go do what we are meant to do in the first place.

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